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Particles bug everywhere

Discussion in Everything & Anything started by JorisCeoen, Jul 27, 2012

  1. Apr 9, 2012
    Hey guys, I have recently gotten a problem on arguably all ze maps that I play. When an explosion should go off or Bahamut does all of his particle effects, I don't get to see the particle as it should be. Instead, they are replaced by very ugly red X's...
    I'm not the only one with the problem at this time, perhaps someone knows a solution for this? Many thanks beforehand!

    (PS: I have tried verifying game cache and defrag of the cs:s files, but it just doesn't work)

    Now is also the time to ask another bug that I have had for over a year:
    Normally when zombies fail or humans win, at the end you get an overlay with "Humans win/victory" or something like that...
    Well for more than a year from one day to the other, the overlay dissappeared and was replaced by a white line crossin over the screen as a sign that the overlay isn't there or can't be loaded/...

    I have never bothered about it up until now, I just ask this because it's perhaps in the same direction as the particle bug
  2. Apr 1, 2012
    enviolinador said that cs:s just got valve'd..
    the most recent cs:s update is responsible for this, he said.
  3. Apr 9, 2012
    Post Merged, Jul 27, 2012
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  4. May 14, 2011
    There was a thread about this quite a while ago. I'll try and find it for ya.
    Post Merged, Jul 27, 2012
  5. Feb 14, 2012
    That shit right there. Don't do that.
  6. Oct 17, 2011
    I never seemed to have this problem with particles before. My problem is that some particles that I made never stop and always stay on when I trigger them to stop and that issues me off that i don't know why it never turns off.
  7. Nov 11, 2011
    That's not what he was asking...what Ghost linked in his post is relevant.
  8. Feb 14, 2012
    That issue is also happening in the skybox of Mako now on extreme 2.
  9. May 31, 2012
    As I said on the other thread, I'm pretty sure it is caused by particle systems that either emit too many particles, or emit the particles too fast. That's why -I believe- paper's particles still work, because I thought I had to use very few particles so that it didn't lag (and that's why paper's particles look a bit weird sometimes). The solution by now would either be change the particle systems a bit to make them less emiting or wait for Valve to fix it.

    EDIT: About the overlay that doesn't show, I have no information. It still shows on my comp. Maybe you could check console error displays when it happens?
  10. Mar 20, 2012
    When i think about particle , i always think about things like flamethrower or paper boss attacks, so mainly weapons.....
    but why are these bugs then also at some zombie monster in paranoid ... do they use particles too or is it a different issue?[IMG]
  11. May 5, 2012
    Its because some of the monsters spill blood when they get shot, like balrog. its a particle when the blood spills out ^^
  12. Feb 14, 2012