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Paying tribute to the Hovel.

Discussion in Minecraft started by Taters, Oct 29, 2012

  1. Mar 12, 2008
    If you've rolled with us on MC before, you know we play survival. None of that creative mode "i'm invisible and can break rock in 1 hit" bullshit. This was before all that. Before MC had the spawn-able items.

    Every time there's a new map, or a server to go to, there is always a hovel. The hovel first started out as a simple idea, just a shelter to avoid the pants-shitting thunderstorms and occasional mobs. As we started to dig into the mountain side to start our temporary shelter, it dawned on us - the hovel is more than just shelter, it's a home. With that we took it to the next level. It became an actual base of operations. It's a stronghold from where adventures start and a place of resupply and a safe haven. Small farms were started to encourage self-sufficient standards.

    Unfortunately, the pictures of the first hovel were lost in the great HDD wipe of 2012. I've managed to keep the spirit (and the tight quarters) of the hovel alive. It has always been built into a mountainside, but there are many different versions. This one is in the desert (the best hiding spot is in plain sight) since it's a public server, and public buildings are griefed. It's got the same feel about it. I share with you,

    The Desert Hovel! (Album)

    I've nicknamed it "Spirit of the Hovel". I like it. fuck off if you don't. Ignore the "Temporary shelter" sign. I put that there in case anyone happens to find it. The chance is slim, but if they only see an empty space, they might move on.

    Adding tags - @Haplo @dillinger @Peter @Dharkk @AkaDemikz @anyoneelseiforgotthatwaspartofthehovel

    I plan to keep this going for as long as this server stays around, or until i can set a server up for myself. Then there will be a new hovel, and I will post to this thread as well.
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    • Nov 29, 2010
      Did you include Patrick's dig marks?
    • Mar 12, 2008
      That was whale mountain. Whale mountain was a holy ground, and no hovel was constructed near it.

      Never forget
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      • Jan 12, 2011
        While I haven't lived in the hovel, I'd like to pay tribute too since it was one of the few genuine community things we'd have while people went out and did whatever on their own. :meeting:
      • Nov 29, 2010
        On occasion, I'd make my way down to the hovel and throw in one or two diamonds I found. I kind of miss that mc server.
      • Jul 8, 2012
        Wasn't a part of the MC server, but never forget.

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      • Nov 6, 2011
        You are something else Mister