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Resolved [pF] Dnied: Will this be good?

Discussion in Admin Abuse started by Sicachu, Sep 20, 2016

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  1. Jan 3, 2013
    Admin Name: [pF] Dnied

    Description: I was shooting at this admin, and this admin apparently got mad and upset like always. Then he frozes me for nothing, like he is so proud.
    Were you proud?

    Evidence: Screenshot.

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    Sicachu, Sep 20, 2016 Last edited by Sicachu, Sep 20, 2016
  2. Jun 14, 2016
    yep I froze for literally 1 second. I bound +freeze to a key, and accidentally hit. I am not sure why you didn't bring this up to me in the server, I would have apologized.

    However, I will make sure to take a closer look at when you decide to grief/block myself and other admins for your enjoyment. As you have been banned for that activity before, I am sure you know the rules and the consequences for those actions.

    See you in game!
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    • Mar 26, 2012
      I think not having a freeze bind would avoid this problem. I once had a kick bind hoping I could use it to target players with difficult names. I accidentally kicked the wrong person cause the person moved. Binds are just asking for trouble. We really only want freeze to be used for people at illegal spots. I imagine the bind is to use it quickly on cade breakers to save cades. Using it on cade breakers is kind of something that not the entire management/LSA team agrees on because of concerns like it being used to replace warnings, being used when the cade can no longer be saved anyhow, or players who didn't cade break being wrongly frozen. Since frozen is consider a discipline and does interfere with game play, it would suck that a player who may have not cade broke got frozen instead of just a harmless warning. See what I mean? We currently allow admins to do it, but only because we do see the potential benefits. If we start to see freeze being used incorrectly, which it does seem like one of those overused commands now, we might not allow it anymore eventually.

      Please don't single out players just because they reported you. A sorry in game would've been good enough, but it is better to know that maybe you should get rid of your bind.

      This looks like a mistake by the admin. I would avoid using a feeze bind or being a lot more careful with it. If it happens again, we might (depending on how the rest of mamagememt and LSAs feel on the issue, I alone cannot make that change) end up not using freeze for cade breakers anymore making a bind for it useless. And once again, do not single out or target players with the intention of disciplining them. You'll likely punish them over something trivial that people normally wouldn't get punish for and incorrectly punish them. It is not worth giving up game play to get back at someone. Just play the game normally and follow protocol when you do see someone breaking the rule. Looking for trouble will just make a hostile gaming environment, which we obviously do not want.

      Locked since I posted a resolution and do not want to see another unnecessary flame war.
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        Aprz, Sep 20, 2016 Last edited by Aprz, Sep 20, 2016
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