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Discussion in Future Servers started by Oxazebam, Jan 15, 2018

  1. Mar 29, 2015
    When the modding for PUBG servers come out (its currently for only people with 50k+ subs) but how good would it be to open a zombie style PUBG server. Millions of players 24/7 im sure out of them millions a few would wanna play CSS style PUBG ZM i think it would be epic! its still about 6 months away but when it arrives it could be really good for the community. Thoughts?
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    • Feb 8, 2016
      I don't play PUBG very much at the moment but I think it'd be a good idea! It could possibly boost activity around here too!
    • Mar 29, 2015
      i think it would 110% boost activity and in the event of ZM dying ((still yearsssssss away)) PUBG is the next best thing i feel. (once u got the freedom to mod)
    • Dec 17, 2007
      Wouldn't hurt to try. Keep ppl interested in CSS and especially pF, give them something new to try.
    • Apr 28, 2013
      I'm not a fan of vanilla PUBG but I would love to try their zombie mode.

      EDIT: Human/zombie ratio at the beginning is averted in pubg zombies and is only picked by host so it's rare to play as a human. I was hoping for the "few start as zombie and dying as a human respawns you as zombie" type of mode.
      Hydreigon, Jan 16, 2018 Last edited by Hydreigon, Jan 16, 2018
    • Jan 25, 2014
      Forenight is a another version of the same stuff you might want to take a look into as well
    • Feb 1, 2011
      Definitely interested to see how moddable PUBG will end up being. The engine and mechanics are solid - if they allowed people to really play around with settings and server configs, it could be huge.

      I can totally imagine setting "maps" as specific towns or areas of the map, toggling on no reload unlimited ammo, and holding off zombies. Would be epic!
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      • Oct 24, 2015
        This would be awesome and i think it would be a great idea as well. Anything with zombies always has my attention.
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