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Resolved [pF] The Black Knight

Discussion in Admin Abuse started by Acidpingas, Sep 3, 2014

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  1. Nov 14, 2013
    I was playing at zm_abandoned_mall then the round started. I went to the little house the one with a hole on the window and the spot was occupied with the cade already built. Blackburn came out of nowhere, destroyed the cade and got us all killed. I was arguing with him while he was trolling me on the mic. I tried to call Bomber wondering if he saw what blackburn did. While i was arguing i called him "H*m*" one time then 2 rounds (10 minutes aprox) later i got gagged without any kind of warn. I was laughing before the gag cause i thought it was a joke cause he was failing at gagging me then i realized it was not. I wasn't recording but heres the log.

    Λcidpingas.: bomber
    Kronus the Bonus: Blackburn you are st*pid as f*ck you dont have to shoot it you can walk over it
    Λcidpingas.: why you didn't kick him?
    Λcidpingas.: Blackburn you faggot
    [pF] J BomBer's BootyHole: next time dont do it
    Λcidpingas.: it's your f*cking fault homo
    Blackburn: (Trolling on mic)
    Λcidpingas.: yeah they will cadebreak your asshole
    Blackburn: (Trolling on mic)
    Λcidpingas.: Cadebreaker and troll
    [pF] The Black Knight: !gag Acidpings (Failed at trying to gag me)
    Λcidpingas.: asd
    Λcidpingas.: did black night tried to gag me?
    [pF] J BomBer's BootyHole: gag?
    Λcidpingas.: he must be new here
    [pF] The Black Knight: !psay acid no calling people "homos"
    Λcidpingas.: Lol
    [pF] J BomBer's BootyHole: lawl aha
    [pF] The Black Knight: I cant understand this shit
    [pF] The Black Knight: !psay acid no calling people "homos".

    (2 round later)

    Λcidpingas.: LMAO (Got my head stuck on map)
    [Source Mod] [pF] J BomBer's BootyHole: Slapped Λcidpingas..
    Λcidpingas.: Why always me :c
    [pF] J BomBer's BootyHole: i knew that would happen
    DeeKushMan: yor all good acid
    Λcidpingas.: hahah
    DeeKushMan: ur not gonna get knifed there anyway
    Λcidpingas.: lmao
    Λcidpingas.: he keeps trying to gag me
    [pF] The Black Knight: i can't get you fucking name

    [Source Mod] [pF] The Black Knight: Gagged Λcidpingas..

    Sooo the thing is: I said the word "homo" (without any despective meaning) ONE TIME refering me to someone who was trolling and breaking cades and i got gagged 2 rounds later without any kind of warn or something. PS: Blackburn didn't get any kind of punish for what he did.
  2. Sep 14, 2008
    I just got in when this happened. I have spoken to Black and he understands that just saying homo and whatnot is fine, it has to do with context. Sorry you were gagged Acid. Ty for coming to the forums.
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Not open for further replies.