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Phil_Fish is quitting the game industry again.

Discussion in In The News started by Jasper, Aug 22, 2014

  1. Jun 25, 2014
    Phil_Fish, the famous indie developer and creator of Fez, is quitting the game industry once more. This time, putting up his company, Polytron, and as well as the rights to his hit indie, Fez.

    This was a result from his company site, polytroncorporation.com being hacked.

    His company site preview:

    "The developer announced via Twitter that he will be putting his company Polytron up for sale, along with the rights to his indie hit Fez, before closing his account."




    Before hand, he was defending Zoey Quinn, and indie developer of Depression Quest, whom was accused for having sexual relationships with indie developers and article writers to promote her game. Quinnspiracy


    Phil_Fish's ending statements on Twitter:
    "this is videogames. this is what i get. this is unacceptable. this is not okay. terrorist. never again, you hear me? never again. this is videogames. this is your audience. to every aspiring game developer out there: don’t. give up. it’s not worth it. nothing is worth this. give up on your dreams. they are actually nightmares. just don’t do it. RUN AWAY”

    phil_fish quits gaming industry after being hacked, selling his company and the rights of fez.
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    • Jun 11, 2012
      qUINSpiracy. Five Guys. Kotaku. Integrity. Hocu Pocus.
    • Jul 8, 2012
      I'm confused. Why did they hack him?
    • Mar 12, 2008

      but he wasn't hacked, he faked being doxxed and still had full control of his twitter, so did quinn.

      He's full of shit and this was his last tantrum before he decided to give up for good. Fuck the guy, he's a retard with a holier-than-thou complex.

      You think anyone on /v/ (the big giveaway is the capital V, nobody that associated with 4chan would ever capital their home board, that's a huge sign of a newfag and obvious troll) can simply hack a website like his? lmao.

      It had major protections on it and they'd need to pretty much have his personal phone AND laptop to be able to do anything harmful to his stuff. Plus the 1.5 gig file was on the site immediately after the "hack", unless the hacker has godlike internet there's no way that they would upload the file that fast, or even have it on the main page for that matter. You gotta hide that shit.
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      • Jun 25, 2014
        Yeah, he faked being hacked last I heard. Cloudflare had a special authorization process to allow logon from an unauthorized computer.
        Pretty much people would have to physically have his devices to actually hack his site.

        There was also something about the format of the files, where it came from a flashdrive, not a harddrive.
      • Apr 9, 2012
        I have no idea who this guy is, but it seems he is a bit frustrated.
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        • May 31, 2012
          He looks like a character taken straight out from a cheesy 80's film.
        • Feb 21, 2007
          looks like he went emo and ragequit
        • Mar 12, 2008

          ya that's the info image I saw, it was on 4chan or something for a bit, and I couldn't find it afterwards.

          That's hook+line+sinker for fish (lmao) so if this is really investigated that dumbfuck is going to jail.
        • Feb 1, 2011
          That sucks, but hilarious at the same time. Been following this Quinnspiracy thing a little bit, watched a couple of those "five guys" videos from that Internet Aristocrat guy or whatever. No idea how much truth there is to any of it but there sure has been a lot of white knighting of that Zoe chick going on.
        • Jan 21, 2011
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          • Dec 1, 2013
            Haha, that shit is amazing.
          • Nov 29, 2010
            This whole debacle is a total mess, you've got children slinging shit around, self doxxing, faking getting hacked and unethical business practices (understatement).

            The summary I've gotten from all of this:
            Zoe Quinn fucks 5 guys (who also had a boyfriend mind you), these guys are journalists and are well established in the industry (here's the kicker, one of them is married), and all give praise and endorsement on her rather shite game, "Depression Quest" That is free on steam.

            A disgruntled Ex Boyfriend posts a story of exactly what's been going on, gives 3/5 of the names of the guys she's fucked behind his back and the internet finds the other two.

            An internet shitstorm ensues and now we've got the masses who are fuckin' pissed about how this shit could be going on behind the scenes, a subreddit called r/gaming has a post about totalbiscuit addressing his opinion as the MIDDLEMAN in this whole shit slinging contest and a well established mod by the name of u/ELCHUPACUPCAKE starts mass deleting posts in that thread stating "Zoe Quinn is irrelevant, carry on". And then proceeds to brown nose one of the guys she's fucked to try get a piece of the sweet white knight pie.

            Zoe proceeds to fake a hack on herself and claim she's been doxxed by "/V/" which was quickly debunked, making her look even more like an attention whore, and to pin the hate onto 4chan.

            Phil Fish then starts to harass developers world wide who are condemning Zoe's actions and rightfully receives an immense amount of backlash, Phil then follows suit and pretends to dox himself too, deleting his twitter account, selling the IP for his platformer "FEZ" and the rights to his company, this move doesn't seem to affect him much, but I'm more worried about the impact to his employees.

            Once the internet started to dig up more dirt on Zoe, they've found that in order for Zoe to have her game have that much publicity initially was because she spammed her social networks on how a board similar to 4chan has harassed her, and proceeds to get free press by these journalists who rush to her side and white knight her, (Free publicity because hey, she's a chick being harassed and surely women never lie).

            Following suite with more shit that Zoe's done, there was a fundraiser (i'm not sure if it's from the same guys) called The Fine Young Capitalists. A non-profit group focused on getting the name of female game designers in a market dominated by males out there and known. The designer gets 8% as royalties after the game launches but little miss Feminist didn't like it and called the campaign oppressive and proceeds to have it shut down via her army of white knights.

            /v/ and /b/(?) proceed to do what they do best and what best way to troll someone you hate by supporting someone they hate. These two boards start raising money for TYFC and within a span of a few hours they raised over $4,000. This action was condemned by one of the people supporting Zoe with a statement (Any money from 4chan is dirty money basically). And thus, Vivian James is born (Vidya Games, I get it)

            A day later TYFC's indiegogo page gets "hacked" but really the password was guessed. The hacker posts a letter hating on /v/ and signs the letter as the indiegogo team. The page was taken down shortly after and is currently being investigated by indiegogo.

            What we have here is the perfect shitstorm ladies and gentlemen.

            This situation really strikes a nerve with me, these guys represent the market for indie games and games journalism. This is fucking business, not some college romp, and yet some woman has managed to pull the "I have a vagina card, please endorse me" and get free publicity from this bullshit. I'm looking at the possibility of working on my own indie game in university and looking at this situation disgusts me since this is a possible business field that I may pursue and start a company in.
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            • Feb 21, 2007
              you posted an entertaining summary, and I enjoyed the read. I don't really know or follow anyone involved, but entertaining to watch
            • Jun 11, 2012
              Bipolar and being highly present on Twitter is not a good mix for Phil Fish.