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Plague Fest Rap Battle 2015

Discussion in Setup an Event started by Conker, Sep 4, 2015

  1. Mar 31, 2010
    Plague Fest Rap Battle 2015

    It's time for a Plaguefestian rap battle! Now's your chance to earn some internet street cred.

    Winner gets pride. Runner-up gets a free $2 game. Ballin! (prizes may change later)

    After the deadline hits, a new voting thread will be created with all the entries and anyone can vote for the entry they want to win.

    1 Summary

    • You have about a month to write a rap (deadline is Oct 11th)
    • In your rap you should diss everyone else in the contest (by name or just generally, it's up to you)
    • A rap counts as like lyrics and rhymes over a dope beat. Only beats made by actual artists are allowed so you can't make your own beat.
    • When your rap is finished, PM it to Conker with the lyrics (submission format can be found below)
    • The rap you make must be a rap you made up, not a parody or cover of a rap song
    • If you are entering the competition, say so in this thread. Do not submit your entries to this thread!

    For those of you who require a little more instruction, read on:

    2 The Basics

    2.1 So what am I supposed to do?

    Write a rap (the length is up to you, but it should be a minimum of let's say 6 bars)

    2.2 Rap isn't really music though, right? It's just talking over a beat, anyone can do that.

    Yes! So anyone can enter this contest. You don't have an excuse.

    2.3 Great! How do I get started?

    Well, first you have to pick a beat to rap over.

    2.4 I don't have any beats!

    Well, fortunately I have included some complementary beats for you to choose from, further down the page.

    2.5 Okay! How long do I have to record my rap?

    More than a month! The due date for these submissions is Sunday, Oct 11th.

    3 Writing Your Rap

    3.1 So I have to rap about being a "gangsta", right?

    You probably shouldn't, unless you are one (like me).

    3.2 So what should I rap about?

    You should rap about how you are better at rapping than anyone else in the contest, or at least how you are just plain better than them in every respect.

    3.3 What if I'm not?

    That's not the point. You say you are anyway, and whoever says it the most entertainingly wins.

    3.4 So how do I make it entertaining?

    Pretend you're fishing for Zing ratings. That is pretty much what rap battles are all about. And make your rap sound cool, also.

    4 Recording Your Rap

    4.1 What program can I record with?

    You can use Audacity, which is a free recording, mixing, and editing program. Make sure to download the LAME encoder, which is separate, or you won't be able to save MP3's. If you have another program you'd prefer to use, that's fine too.

    4.2 How do I record with Audacity?

    Just open the beat MP3 in Audacity, and when you're ready, press the big read "record" button. Audacity should record your voice, and when you hit stop, it will align your vocals over the beat the way you recorded them.

    4.3 What if I don't have a microphone?

    If you have headphones, you can plug them into your computer's microphone jack and record that way. It won't sound great, but it works.

    4.4 My headphones are recording AM talk radio…

    That can happen sometimes. You're probably out of luck unless you go to the store and cop a mic or something.

    5 Submitting Your Rap

    Submit your entries by PMing them to @Conker in the following format:

    Name: Example Name, e.g., Pyrofiliac
    Rap: [link to .mp3]
    Instrumental: Example Artist - Example Song (Instrumental)
    Ayo, yo yo...

    You're also encouraged to create a dope 100 width x 800 height banner with your name or logo, slogan, or whatever. These will be used in the final voting thread.

    Example banner:

    6 Complementary Beats

    Sorry, still need to grab the mp3's for some of these and host 'em (feel free to suggest some instrumentals if you have the mp3's for them already available).
    • Paper Chase (Instrumental)
    • Evidence RTD
    • Psycho Ward
    • PR - We Good
    • Lean Back

    7 Advanced FAQ (optional reading)

    7.1 How to Rap - The Theory

    So I just talk over the beat?
    No, not quite. It has to rhyme too, obviously.

    7.2 Which words should rhyme?

    Tradition dictates that you should rhyme at the end of every bar (or if that's too hard, at the end of every two bars). The Plague Fest Rap Club recommends you rhyme words on the second snare (the third beat) of the bar, to stay consistent.

    7.3 Can't I rhyme anything else?

    It's important to rhyme consistently, so you should always be rhyming at the end of your bars. However, if you're able to also rhyme other words in the middle or beginning of your bars, go right ahead. If you pull it off, it will make your rap sound fancy.

    7.4 Easy peasy, japanesey.

    And it has to be on beat as well.

    7.5 How do you mean?

    Well, in a 4/4 rap beat you have got four beats per bar. And there are like, four quarter-beats (or subbeats) per beat (16 per bar) like this:


    1st row -- measures = 1 bar
    2nd row -- beats = 4 beats per 1 bar
    3rd row -- subbeats = 16 subbeats per 1 bar

    Each syllable should land on one of the subbeats, in a recognizably rhythmic pattern.

    These audio examples should help you understand the graphic better:

    db4kick.mp3 -- in this clip, the "tink" sound you hear is the start of each bar. The kick drum you hear is each beat.
    db4kickHats.mp3 -- same as the previous clip, except the hi-hats in this one represent the subbeats

    7.6 So I have to have a syllable on every one of those quarter beats? I can't talk that fast!

    No, you don't have to have a syllable on every one.

    7.7 All right, this isn't so hard.

    The trick, though, is that you have to space your syllables properly. Most people who pretend to rap will frequently space out words and syllables that would be said quickly in normal conversation, in order to fit the beat. It is very amateurish and should be avoided, when possible.

    7.8 So how do I avoid it?

    It's simply a manner of planning out which words you're going to use in your lyrics, how many syllables each one has, and how those syllables will fit the beat.

    7.9 That sounds hard!

    It gets easier with practice.

    8 Closing Statements

    In closing, here is a video of a real life rap battle:

    via https://youtu.be/tKKxPtP6XjQ?t=32s

    9 Participants / Precipitants

    If you're participating, say so in this thread, but if you chicken out say so or else you lose all your internet street cred.
    • Conker
    • Kyro
    • Bapple
    • ?
    • ?
    • ?
    • etc.

    Hope ya'll join in!
    Conker, Sep 4, 2015 Last edited by Brian, Sep 4, 2015
  2. Apr 26, 2015
    For the lolz I'm in.
  3. Aug 25, 2009
  4. Mar 31, 2010
    Awesome, so far we have 3 contestants: me, @Kyro, @Bapple.
    @Grape and @Orange: do you guys wanna join in as well?

    Anyone else wanna join in? Registration closes on September 12. So join fast! It's free!!
  5. Feb 3, 2012

    but im not a rapper
  6. Feb 8, 2013
    Why am I tagged? I'm not ghetto. I don't rap.
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    • Mar 31, 2010
      Ba-da-bump! Anyone else interested in joining in?


      3rd. 4th, and 5th place winners will receive a FREE COPY of Shower With Your Dad Simulator 2015

      SO JOIN NOW!
      Conker, Sep 12, 2015 Last edited by Conker, Sep 12, 2015
    • Feb 8, 2013
      Only peasants do this.