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PlagueFest: The Musical

Discussion in Entertainment started by Conker, Jun 10, 2012

  1. Mar 31, 2010
    Okay, so @Detonator and I have been developing a story for a possible musical that I will shoot and make starting this summer/fall (in hopes for an Online release next year). Anyways, let me know your thoughts/opinions. Thanks!!

    After a long-string of unsolved brutal murder cases in upstate NY, the CIA and the pharmaceutical company PF Pharmaceuticals set to develop a testing unreactive drug carrying a governmental nanite that would be locally induced in bottles of Coca-Cola (through a mutual signed agreement), with the capability of understanding everyone’s whatabouts as well as to know their whereabouts. What they didn’t understand was that within 24 hours of releasing the water bottles all over upstate NY (their testing ground), an epidemic started.

    After analyzing the bottles shipped, they found a form of bath salts that attacks the brain cells and make humans zombies-for-life, but as it wasn’t a part of their laboratory tests, it must have been an internal “mistake”, or rather an intentional act of savagery.

    In comes Karl Trollenburg, a likeable Arab-Black / Russian-German who looks Chinese mad scientist, with an abusive past, who proclaims himself “the new God”, has been the mastermind from day 1 of what has now become a zombie apocalypse. The murder cases, the water-bottled disease: all is linked to him. With the CIA’s wish to stop this madness, and the pharmaceuticals trying to fix PF’s mistake (as PF has become a mad house), the whole world has changed, and zombies have become the “new” way of living. But while Karl can’t control the zombies, they can’t kill him either as he’s already found the antidote to his own virus (a suit carrying a disturbing spray – Axe DarkTemptation – that zombies want to evade).

    With lots of humans, in hopes not to be killed, deciding to drink this poisonous water, and becoming zombies as well, the U.N. sets out to send armies to fight and destroy these zombies forever and put an end to this missing mastermind killer, who is best known as the Troll King.

    So far in the writing/creative team, we have: @Detonator, @Vadleon, @Conker. I'm hoping others can volunteer too! It'd be epic!

    @retslag1, please reply, I hope you can be a part of this! :grin:
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      Conker, Jun 10, 2012 Last edited by Conker, Jun 10, 2012
    • Mar 31, 2010
      @Detonator added what may be the beginning of the story (I like it) :

      After a mad Russian General, a strong supporter of the USSR, hears about cases in the US where humans have ingested a drug that that resulted in zombie like behaviour he decides to conduct his own research on these individuals and study their brains to see if he can develop a drug that makes him take control of the human mind if they were in a zombie state. He gathers some fellow USSR generals and scientists to conduct this research. They build bases in Chernobyl that supposedly is a support center for the survivors. They conduct their genome manipulation project and test drugs on survivors.

      After a few years of research discover a part of the brain that is mutated once under the influence of drug X. This part of the brain shuts of the access to different areas of the brain. The infected human is in a state of zombie mind where they have a irresistible urge for human flesh and blood. The general isn't happy yet. He wants to control the activation of this drug. He wants to bring chaos to those filthy backstabbing Americans. He gets the scientists to work on a microbots that release the drugs on command. The general helps fund a new water company in the US where the drug X and the microchips are inserted into the bottles and wait until the bottles of water had reached millions of people, and activates the microbots.

      General launches activates the micro bots and the zombie apocolypse starts. General suicides dieing with the happy thought that hell just broke on earth.
      Lots of zombie survival stuff. Drama. Suicides. Government comes up with anti dotes etc. and end the teror.
    • May 14, 2011
    • Mar 31, 2010
      Oh, I'll make sure he'll sing in the movie. Even if I might not be able to get him to be in the movie (unless he visits Canada, or I visit Sweden), I'll have him play a robot or something who sings!
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      • Jan 12, 2011
        Fixed... kinda. Sorry about the editing, but after we talked in Mumble you still had errors. :razz: And like I said, if I helped and started writing some for it, the script and story would become quite long.

        Edit: I foresee many more edits to come.... :thinking:
        Edit 2: Alright, I'm basically signed on as an editor, but I'll leave the really goofy stuff to Conker and Deto.
        Vadleon, Jun 10, 2012 Last edited by Vadleon, Jun 10, 2012
      • Nov 14, 2010
        I don't get it...
      • Aug 5, 2010
        Ummm the story confuses me :confused:
      • Dec 6, 2011
        The whole point of this is for Detonator to sing. What's not to get?
      • May 26, 2012
        Seems a tad confusing, and even though i know it's meant to be unrealistic, needs some cleanup for the whole beginning bit. Nanite, bath salts, brain cells ... what