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Planning to buy an Xbox or PS3?

Discussion in Tutorials started by Clam Chowder, Sep 28, 2011

  1. Nov 29, 2010
    This is going to be strictly unbiased since I own both systems and love playing the exclusives for them.

    Now to get shit out of the way, I don't want to see "Hurr durr this system is better" because this thread isn't for it and I couldn't give two shits about it. This is meant to be informative and allow users to learn about what goes on for these two great consoles.

    Playstation 3
    I'm going to start with the Playstation. Now PS3 gets a lot of flak from it's bad launch, downgrades and it's recent server hacking, nevertheless, Sony has made proper compensations for such and now prices are about the same as a brand new xbox slim.

    Back then a standard 60 gb ps3 would've set you back for about ~$500-600, that price since then, has been chopped in half.

    Official Product Current Prices (No Tax):
    160gb Playstation Slim: $269.99
    PS3 Dualshock Controller: $49.99
    Move Controller (Motion): $49.99
    Move Controller (Nunchuck): $39.99
    Playstation Eye: $59.99
    Move Bundle (Eye, motion and nunchuck): $99.99
    Sharpshooter: $49.99
    SOCOM Headset: $39.99
    Keypad: $49.99
    Official Virtual 5.1 Surround Sound Headphones $99.99

    The Unit
    The units themselves have no disk tray, rather you just feed the disks into a slot, cool thought but if you have kids, be warned because they may stuff multiple disks into the ps3, I had an incident earlier with my brother's ps3 having about 4-5 disks shoved into that tray
    Fix: Take a credit card or a hard piece of flat plastic and try to play the disks into coming out, every time a disk comes out, turn the console on and press the eject button, when there's about less than 3 disks in there, it'll just spit them out with no issues with each button press.

    They are quiet and durable, you can put them in confined spaces and you shouldn't worry about them (If you put them in a cupboard type of confinement, then you're a moron), when they're under stress when gaming, they are still quite but also churn an acceptable amount of heat. They will rarely fail unless put it in an environment that has an elevated heat level (Example: In the sun or closed off) And the known failure for them is call "The Yellow Light of Death" in which the failure is the solder for the GPU melted, even then I had a friend who put his ps3 through punishment and left it inside a closed cabinet and left it running for weeks and it still hadn't failed, mind you it had no ventilation either.

    There are Three Variants for the PS3, one of which is sold in stores.
    Newest model line, lower energy consumption and with the same specs, comes in a 160 and 320gb model, smaller profile, comes in a matte black finish with analog buttons. Requires a base if you want to mount it vertically safely

    The second model of ps3, came in 3 sizes, 40,60,80gb, 80% similar to the retro model. Shiny black finish with spiderman font "Playstation 3" on the top of it, can be mounted vertically with no mount. 2 USB slots

    Fat Retro
    The Fat and the Fat Retro are on the outside, the same. However the retro version came with 4 USB slots with multiple SD card readers. the 60 and 80gb models came with PS2 backwards compatibility.

    The PS3 has the ability to play Blu-Ray movies, stream movies from your home network. You can swap your PS3's HDD with either a Solid State Drive or a bigger HDD, Any laptop's HDD will do the trick. The playstation network is free, however you can purchase a premium service to allow you to upload your savegames to the PSN server, Download full games and play for a set amount of time as a trial, and more, you can choose to pay $30 for 6 months or $60 for 12 months. For achievements, the server uses a trophy system that you have "levels", there are 4 tiers of trophies, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum, each providing their own experience respectively

    Also, you can link your PSP to your console via Bluetooth and run the PS3, what you see on the tv is on your psp screen. This feature is cool, however you can't play games on it.

    The peripherals are straightforward with your controllers, if you had a ps2 controller, it's 95% the same, just the L2 and R2 have morphed into trigger... pads and the button that controls the red light thing that had no use except disconnect your controller has turned into a PS button that controls your system.

    For the controllers, they are bluetooth and are easily paired up with the playstation by simply connecting the charging cable, if you want to switch units for the controllers, simply plug in the cable and its automatically paired. Also to note, the controllers are rechargable and do not require battery replacements unless you manage to fry the Lithium Ion battery (hah). Sticks are soft and easy to move all buttons except the sticks and the 3 center buttons are pressure sensitive. There is also a accelerometer in the controller known as the SIXAXIS control, I personally find that feature tacked and annoying, most games don't use it or you don't need to use it. They come in many styles and colours, a new one that launched is Digital Urban camo.

    Playstation Move
    If you've played on the wii, the playstation move shouldn't come as a surprise. How it works is that the eye tracks a small light ball on the move controller, the precision of which is in the millimeters, the move controller being the main controller and the nunchuck being used for movement and whatnot. There are multiple games that allow you to use the move controller such as Killzone, Deadspace2, SOCOM 4 and more. Playstation made and endorsed one add-on to the move set called the "Sharpshooter" the only known controller that adds more options to the game. Featuring buttons on the sides so you don't need to reach on the gun to press a button on the controller, reloading buttons, you slam the "Magazine" button on the gun, or cock it like a shotgun. And a fire-selector switch.

    Playstation receives a lot of flak for not having games, and mindless people continue to babble this nonsense years later. For the past 2 years, playstation has been going strong with exclusives titles that are good. With an exclusive winning game of the year in 2009. Playstation is still going strong despite their setbacks this year. Graphically wise, the games look fantastic with companies stating they are using 80% of the ps3's capabilities, the Uncharted and Resistance series have been doing well with upgrading their graphics as their sequels go. Games are in blu-ray and do not require multiple disks in order to continue games. However in terms of ports, graphically wise, the ps3 suffers, but by margin.

    I shall edit this as time goes by and post the part for xbox
  2. Nov 29, 2010
    Xbox 360

    Through the trials of time, the xbox is still going strong with a massive community to back it up. It's been over 5 years and the console is still extremely popular.

    The Xbox gets a lot of flak from it's disturbingly high failure rates from it's older consoles with what's notoriously known as the "Red ring of death" there are variants to this, as the pattern of the ring dictate what's wrong with the console. It's older kin had an enraging 33% failure rate, however the new console fixes the fail rate, and lowers your energy bills.

    Here's the prices for the Xbox/Accessories:
    Xbox 360 Slim: starts at $200
    Xbox 360 Controller: $49.99
    Wired Headset: $9.99
    Wireless Headset: $49.99
    Kinect: $119.99
    Xbox Live 12 months: $59.99
    Messenger Kit: $29.99
    Network Adapter (older models): $69.99

    The xbox comes with a ton of add-ons, and is built mainly for one thing: Gaming, there are other features like the marketplace, music player and movie player, however it's not as polished as one would want it to be. What's nice however is the ability to play music while playing games, the ps3 has no such ability.

    Also, with a strong launch, the xbox has an epic number of games it can play (Also all of it's consoles are backwards compatible).

    The Unit
    The xbox's older consoles featured a round, matte finishing with analog buttons. Not to mention a power brick for both old and new consoles. The heat vent is located at the rear of the consoles and will churn out a considerable amount of heat and noise when under stress. If placed in a cramped area it has a good chance of failing. Also, if you wanted to play online with WiFi, you need to buy an attachment, certain consoles will lack HDMI also.

    The newer console features a sharp buffed-shine finish with touch buttons. The heat vent is at the top/side of the console. With most of the problems of the old console gone, the better cooling system will have it churn out even more heat, though the console is relatively quiet. Featuring an internal HDD and a wifi receiver to boot. Like the PS3 Fat, it's a fingerprint magnet.

    There are 4 Variants of the xbox 360.

    The newest model, featuring better cooling features and almost every problem with the older models gone, features built in wifi antenna and HDMI coming in three models, 4gb, 250gb and 320gb

    Featuring a 256mb HDD for your savegames white in colour, minimalistic at best as it cannot download game demos and patches, the bottom of the barrel. Lacks HDMI

    Featuring everything there is to come with the xbox 360, white in colour a lower failure rate then the xbox 360 arcade. Lacks HDMI came in the 20gb and 40gb models

    Distict by the matte black finish. With HDMI, features are exactly like the pro, however features a 120gb HDD, you save $50

    For games, there's an achievement system that accumulates a score as you play, the higher your score, the bigger your e-peen. All xbox 360 games come with this system and most cap off at 1000. The harder the achievement, the more gamerscore you get. The xbox live marketplace features movie rentals and a music store. Your currency on the marketplace is called "Microsoft points" bought using credit cards or pre-paid cards. With it, you can rent or buy movies, games and music online. Also an avatar system lets you customize your avatar to cater to your personal liking. These services are not free however, you must pay a premium in order to be online and play with other people.

    With Live, some PC games are live compatible and allow you to play games with xbox 360 users.

    A nice touch to the system that I really like is the ability to play music while playing games. However you can only copy music onto the console via home network or CD's. Flash drives are out of the question.

    Like the ps3, the xbox has the ability to swap out its HDD, but you can only select a limited number of HDD's that are available instead of popping in a laptop HDD for the ps3.

    The controllers are large and comfortable to hold, the buttons feel responsive and the sticks are stiff, but make you feel like you have control. Featuring triggers, and the left stick in a more comfortable position, with the d-pad to the right of the left thumb. Asides from the triggers, buttons are not pressure sensitive.

    My only problem that I ran into is the battery packs, it bothers me a little that you have to buy batteries for the controller and it sells for the same as a PS3 controller, sure you can buy a charge and play kit, however that bumps the price for the controller even higher then it should.

    To connect an xbox controller you have to press a small button on the controller, then press the connect button on the xbox. Call me stupid but it takes me a few attempts to get it working right. If you want to connect your controller to another xbox, you may need to press the tiny pinhole reset switch on the controller.

    To get into the market for motion control gaming, microsoft has made kinect after many years in the making. How kinect works is by a 3d camera that captures a person's body and makes a skeleton map of their body keeping an eye on details like fingers and head position. From its launch, it can only be used casually as there hasn't been any games that are AAA titles that launched kinect compatible, however the games that are currently compatible are a lot of fun as well.

    The xbox has a huge array of games to boot and you will always have a game to play. With the massive community, you can expect even the old games to still have players on them and on. Though starting to slow down in the exclusives department, xbox 360 still has high quality exclusives such as Gears of war and Halo.
  3. Nov 29, 2010
    Alright, let's compare these two consoles.

    Number one subject in the whole "Hurr durr this console is better" is the Graphics. Now, in most games console ports will almost never achieve the same graphics settings. The xbox 360 has the upper hand in 80% of all the games. The most prominent being Fallout 3. However this does not mean a console has better graphics, it's just developers failing to adapt since coding on both consoles are different.

    Graphics Verdict:
    In terms of exclusives, it's impossible to compare the games since they are duh, exclusives.
    For ports (I.E Fallout 3, Red Dead Redemption) the Xbox 360 gets the upper hand in most ports, however there are games out there where the ps3 surpass the xbox (Examples: Crysis 2, Battlefield 3)

    Controllers are the second thing that players usually call consoles out for, and it's a whole matter of personal preference. I cannot say much since I cannot put the feeling of controllers into your hands.

    Controller Verdict:
    Personal preference, get your own hands.

    In terms of entertainment, both consoles offer a suite of entertainment, with the xbox it uses windows media center, and the PS3 uses a psp esque style of UI where all videos, pictures and music folders are stored on the home screen. Though it is notable on the xbox, you are able to play music while you play games, as the ps3 only has a limited selection of games that would allow music.

    In terms of neatness: The ps3 wins sheerly because it's easy to access files and and folders, a simple scroll to the left or right and you're on the category.

    File Management: A bit of a draw, as you cannot copy/paste files straight from a usb/external on a xbox 360, but you can play it from the usb. However I feel it's a waste of a usb slot. But the xbox can install every game to its hard drive, making load times dramatically shorter.
  4. Nov 29, 2010
    Update #1
  5. Jul 27, 2011
    Ive got an xbox atm, but I plan on getting a PS3, although I reaaally want one with backwards compatibility.

    I need this to play my Jak and Daxter games. Anyway, which PS3 supports this?
  6. Apr 6, 2011
    I love my ps3 I have the slim 250g... I got it when it first came out so i paid way too much for it...
  7. Mar 31, 2010
    Having both Xbox 360 and PS3, I must say I'm more of a PS fan. If it were Xbox VS PS2, I'd be all for Xbox.
  8. Oct 1, 2011
    I just got a 360 about a week ago and i love it... space marines and fable ~drool~
  9. Jan 11, 2011
    I would buy a XBOX 360,because:
    1-PS3 can only run original games, which is very expensive.
    2-XBOX can run pirate or non-original games, which is the best thing in Xbox for me.
    But, PS3 has unbelievable graphics, 100 times better than the Xbox graphics.
    Your decision Clam. If you want super-high-definition graphics, get the PS3.
    If you don't want to spend your money, Xbox is better.
    I Hope i've helped. ^^
  10. Oct 29, 2010
    I've never owned a console in my life. lol.
  11. Mar 19, 2011
    You are a Fool!
  12. Oct 22, 2010
    remember you can get a cheap PS3 .. the hard drive doesn't matter AT ALL

    any laptop hard drive 2.5" will fit and work in a PS3!!!!

    its a BIG + over microsoft.
  13. Feb 18, 2011
    What is good about the fat retro is sometime Sony will get rid of the ps2 software for the rest of the ps3s. The fat slim has the hardware to run it so you can still play them :grin:
  14. Nov 29, 2010
    It's hardware itself, sony won't patch to get rid of it.
  15. Feb 1, 2011
    ps3 all the way man i had one for a while and i love it!!
  16. Dec 28, 2010
    if i would you i would buy the ps3 unless you dont like the controler of the ps3 or just want to play by yourself you should get the xbox360 then. if you like to play online and play for free i would suggest either the ps3 or the playstation vita. the playstation vita is coming on 2-22-2012. it can play with other psv players and ps3 players.
  17. Nov 29, 2010
    Psst. This isn't a thread about what I wanna buy, it's just a thread that nudges people in the right direction on what they want.
  18. Jan 5, 2007
    Since we actually did this at work, I'm going to just point out that you're incorrect on that part. Copying/pasting files from USBs to other USBs or HDDs works perfectly fine on the 360.

    As far as the whole PS3 vs 360 debate goes though, I have to say that I would pick the 360 every time. Can't go into details because of NDAs and all that, but lets just say that a certain console has some serious security and hardware flaws that would prevent me from every buying one.
  19. Nov 29, 2010
    I'll edit it a little, but you cannot copy music and movies as I have tried this before.
  20. Jul 20, 2010
    Like the 360 doesn't? LOL!