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Resource Playing as spectators.

Discussion in Resources & Tutorials started by enviolinador, Jun 27, 2014

  1. May 31, 2012
    To avoid mindlessly rambling, I'll use few words. This is a map I built today that shows how to make a few entities interact with spectators to build systems that can be used to let the third never-loved-enough team have some fun too. Although in the example I haven't included much, you can see:
    • Concurrency-safe entity association (parenting) to spectators (it would need a system to clean edicts for when the spectator leaves the server, but that's no biggie if you know what you're doing and apply the same principles)
    • 'Walls' for spectators. I'm quite sure that the system could be improved, since I just used 'hardcoded' pushes via addoutput. However, this is enough to demonstrate how to simmulate triggers for them.
    • Simple gameplay based on spec-coop: get a ball to an ending area having to deal with trolling assholes colored in green
    With this wou could build, for example:
    • A neat spectator lounge in your ZE map with a big ass camera and, perhaps, a point_viewcontrol so they can get cinematic views of how the round is going.
    • A cool minigame map with the twist that it'd have 0 spawnpoints so you could act all smug and shit on gamebanana or wherever you want to post. (Suggestion: using the provided example you can build a simple MG map in which two teams fight to get their ball on a hole. The members of each team can either push their own ball or harass the other team)
    • A fancy secret thingiething that you can use in your ZM map to laugh at clueless dumby dumbos.
    • A special weapon for any of the previously mention maps that only becomes usable when you die and free roam, letting you fire a laser beam that turns half of the map to dust.
    Have lotsa fun with it. The map example uses Nyro's dev texture pack (google it, it's on gamebanana). BSP and VMF included.

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      enviolinador, Jun 27, 2014 Last edited by enviolinador, Jun 28, 2014
    • Jun 18, 2012
      Coolio ... but not for PlagueFest, let the endless streams of donors commence. Now they shall never leave their comfy seats out of their home cinema spectator lounge, soon turning into some elite room for bragging rights.
    • Jan 30, 2013
      Surprised I kept this a secret for so long :3 afaik .

      Glad it works here too, even though its basically the same engine.

      @enviolinador there's alot more to this "system", at least from what I've done/seen. Maybe one day I'll get around to implementing it, if I can ever finish my pain of a map :/
    • May 31, 2012
      Well, a similar thing used to be in the old paranoid but the player had nothing but a trigger and a game ui and no real interaction going on (although, to be fair, having just a physics explosion attached isn't much of a difference). Valve broke it recently, though, I think since trigger_soundscape doesn't detect specs anymore. This workarounds that.
    • Mar 30, 2013
      In paranoid ultimate, you could play as a spectator once the turtle thrower killed you :razz:

      You just had to spec the zombies to slow and kill them, and so help the ct.
    • May 31, 2012
      That wasn't really intended, though. The spirits on the older paranoid versions were, and they could help either teams, but the turtles simply didn't get removed because Hannibal parented to the players and the entity is the same for specs/dead players/live players.

      EDIT: I've updated the .rar with a little thing so when the player leaves the server the things are cleaned.
      enviolinador, Jun 28, 2014 Last edited by enviolinador, Jun 28, 2014
    • Mar 10, 2014
      I think the walls idea for spectators would be great. Would make ghosting a bit harder, and not everyone can fly through the map and know whrre everything is, would be interested in knowing how to do that for when i work up the courage to attempt my own maps