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CS:S Plugins Updated (+ Requesting info/Apology)

Discussion in Server Updates started by Kyle, Apr 21, 2013

  1. Apr 9, 2007
    We've been silently rolling out changes for a while. I think the oldest would be a refactor of NT, and the newest would be the Anti-Edging plugin I wrote last night and tested earlier this morning. There's a pretty significant change to AFKMan which will result in idle spectators (regardless of class) being kicked. There are also some older bugs with DamageDisplay, Announcer, and other plugins that were fixed (printing unsigned numbers as signed). Reserved slots should also have better functionality. ZR was updated to the main branch (when the VPK change happened), which resulted in some pretty serious regressions (crashing). While I believe it was fixed last night, please be vigilant and let us know if it continues. There's some freezing, but there are other reports out there that it's a regression from the VPK update. Obviously ZR isn't on MG, and some MG plugins aren't on the zombie servers, so this thread is basically a combination. I'd also like to request some information from you guys, is anything still busted that you use daily? If so, again, please let us know.

    About a year ago when AceHigh was testing his Minigame's map (Moovie, or whatever typo it had), someone was kind enough to use a SourceMod exploit to flood the server, disrupting chat. I wrote an emergency plugin to work around the problem, since the exploit is in CPP and in a few base plugins. I made a few patches, but if they're not accepted into the main tree, it's pretty painful to deal with everytime we need to update SM (which is often). So that hack, workaround plugin became a permanent addition to the servers. This created a pretty serious problem, since it would catch legitimate players, resulting in many, many bans. The LSAs have been kind enough to review each case, and ban/unban accordingly. I believe as it stands, around 500 were banned, and about 20 were guilty of something. This created a significant workload on my peers, and it wasn't fair of me to do so. I believe I've replicated the functionality of the base plugins (something that dawned upon me today), to catch the same cases that would trigger them, so hopefully it's over with. I'd also like to apologize to anyone who was wrongly banned. I went through the bans pages and unbanned about 60 players today, who looked like they should have never been banned in the first place. Sorry.
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    • Feb 1, 2011
      You're awesome Kyle, thanks a ton
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      • Jun 11, 2012
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        • Sep 8, 2012
          I can't believe I got unbanned! :shock:
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          • Mar 16, 2013
            Hopefully this AFK kicker will kick spectators when they're hogging up the room when were playing Mako/Pred etc..
            Thanks Kyle :thumbsup: