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Pony/cow level in Diablo 3

Discussion in Gaming started by Supreme ♔, Jun 28, 2012

  1. Apr 2, 2012
    So in Diablo 3 there's this special level that you can go to if you find all the necessary items to get in.
    If you look it up, it's a really colorful and "cute" map with ponies, teddy bears, and walking flowers o:

    Today, I searched for all the items, and got in.
    But it took a shit load of gold to make the item to get in..
    Honestly it wasn't worth over 800k to get into this level.

    So if anyone hasn't been to the level and wants to go in, as long as I'm in your party, you can also go inside.
    Don't waste your gold and just asking me would be better lol
    Add: supreme#1379
    I'd be glad to take who ever wants to go ~
    Also, it would be better to add me on steam first and tell me you'll be adding me on diablo :grin:

    It's on hell difficulty though. (Which was why it was so expensive..)
    Me and Twostep went into the level with our level 60 characters, max. nephalem valors, and my magic find gear and found a few decent items.
    And you'll earn at least 10k+ gold from the whole map :razz:

    It was fun to look at though, hahhahah, really different than the original maps.
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      Supreme ♔, Jun 28, 2012 Last edited by Supreme ♔, Jun 28, 2012
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      Diablo 2 Cow Level

    • Jun 23, 2011
      moo moo moo

      I love the cow level
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      Somebody hot boxed the work lab.