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Portal Discussion

Discussion in Minecraft started by Dharkk, Dec 24, 2011

  1. Jul 1, 2010
    I've already protected two but I figured that maybe it should be brought up for discussion. Basically, the question is, do you guys want the end portals kept until a good amount of people can go in together to kill the "end boss" on the server. There is a side to both arguments, I'm pretty sure the mob respawns once it is killed, but on the other hand opening the portals is part of the experience, and there is a limited number of them.

    Post thoughts here.


    Removed the protections for now pending discussion. Thought I had mentioned that I was doing it to Haplo but I apparently forgot to.
  2. Jan 12, 2011
    Isn't there only one End and the three portals all lead to it, or do they actually lead to different Ends? And while there is an egg after defeating the boss, does it actually spawn a new Enderdragon after X time? These are my main questions. I'll be looking these things up shortly.

    I think I was the first person to suggest "sealing" the End (admin region protecting it) until enough people were ready to attempt the boss fight. My reason being that it will be one of the single most unifying events on the server, and it would be a shame for someone to solo it (or a few to group it) and ruin the fun for the rest of the players. I'd like everyone to be given an opportunity to participate in the battle, and be given sufficient notice ahead of time on the Forums. By protecting all the End portals, players won't have to worry about The End until they agree to go and are confident in their resources and abilities to contribute to the fight.

    Edit: Opening the portals isn't hard, though I think everyone should be allowed to place at least one Eye of Ender, just so they are more a part of the cause. I won't deny people that since I alone could open all three portals with the Eyes I've collected.
  3. Jul 1, 2010
    One end but three portals leading to it. I am pretty positive that the end mob spawns again though.
  4. Aug 18, 2006
    If the End mob doesn't respawn, keep it closed! Even if it does respawn, I think it would be best to keep it closed until everyone has enough equipment to take it on (should schedule this soon). It will be a fun experience. After we do it once, but all means, keep the End Portal open.
  5. Sep 30, 2011
    There is no getting ready or being prepared enough to take on the end Dragon.
    All we need is Arrows, Bows, and Armor.
    Of course, the arrows are to hit it, you're not going to kill a flying dragon with a sword.
    And from what I've read online wearing any armor at all renders the Dragons attacks useless, even gold armor.
    Sooo, if that's true then we should just make a server time for the opening, and those who want to participate can show up.
    Worse come to worse, we make Diamond armor for as many people as possible and handle this shit. ;D
  6. Oct 4, 2011
    theres a shit load of endermen tho, might want diamond armor and/or enchanted armor
  7. Oct 10, 2010
    when the dragon is killed, it will NOT respawn.

    but there 2 ways make new dragons:

    1: /spawnmob enderdragon

    2: stop server, delete world_the_end, start server


    never spawn enderdragon in the normal world,
    it will destroy everything.
  8. Aug 18, 2006
    That would actually be quite epic to see... It would be interesting to spawn it in the normal world after we kill it in the end, have some fun, and then restore a previous server backup after all the destruction is done.
  9. Jul 1, 2010
    Eh, deleting world_the_end is easy enough.
  10. Oct 10, 2010

    it will simply generate a new end world,
    with a new dragon