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Discussion in Help Desk started by ΣZΣ | Cookie, Jun 17, 2013

  1. Jun 17, 2013
    I'm posting here on the behalf of all Portuguese players. I'd like Portugal to get white listed on the ZE servers.
    Our country is quite developed when it comes to English classes so I'm sure most of us are able to talk English and do not need to be muted when we join the server.
    Thanks - ΣZΣ | Cookie
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    • Jul 1, 2010

      Shifted your post to it's own thread.
    • Feb 21, 2007
      I have no problem with this.
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      • Jun 4, 2006
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        • Jul 17, 2012
          Honestly this wan't a good idea. This is now the third time there was a gruop of portugese players spamming the microphone on the ZE server. It's getting pretty annoying after some time, ever though i normally have nothing against these people. This time i recorded a demo to show you.

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          • Mar 12, 2008

            That is annoying not gonna lie. What time was this? Were any admins online? If this is a recurring problem in the early hours of the morning and nobody's on i'll heat up a pot of coffee and watch ZE
          • Nov 11, 2011
            There were several Portugese players claiming to be Russian and Norwegian as well and making accents lol. They were also using sound boards and spamming, consequently had to be muted.
          • Mar 30, 2012
            Sounds like a bad player issue, not a country wide issue, if you ask me.
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