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Possible WCS

Discussion in Future Servers started by 911Trigger, Mar 15, 2012

  1. Feb 9, 2012
    WCS stands for WarCraft Server.
    It is basically like an rpg where each kills gives you exp, which levels you up. There would be multiple races with the max level of the race about 20 (and sometimes more depending on how the race is built).
    You would need total levels (accumulated levels from all the races you leveled) to unlock newer races.

    Heres how WCS works:It is basically a team vs team game where bomb planting and defusing and rescueing hostages is part of the main goal. A player is allowed to pick a race from a list of race (which you start with 4 or so, and eventually unlock upwards to hundreds). each race typically has 4 skills, more or less, and each skills can be upgraded by leveling it up. most races have skills that are called ''ultimate'' which requires reaching lvl 6 to unlock and is normally used by binding a key to ultimate (for example: bind t ultimate)
    there are wide varieties of skills and some races are considered ''melee'' or ''range'' or ''support'' races.
    Melee classes are typically the knifer-only races.
    if they only use knife, what possible way can they kill you ask? well to compensate for their lack of range, their skills are typically a mix of, but not always, speed+invis+longjump+massive hp+bonus knife damage.Again the likelihood that these skills would mix isnt too great as that would be OP.

    The range class are your typical assault rifle or sniper classes. the assault rifle classes often have offensive skills such as : % chance of stun on hit, % of causing extra damage, etc etc.

    the support classes typically have some kind of healing ability attached to them like: every 10 seconds, you send out a healing wave that heals 10 hp to everyone within a certain distance (this goes through walls as well).

    Ultimates tend to be the skill that makes the class stand out. skills like invis,speed,bonus damage are just average abilities you'll see on most races.
    Ultimates are typically skills like : swap with 1 enemy member after 5 seconds of using; on death you have a % chance of blowing up and damaging everyone around you for xx damage in a xx area. or point to a direction and upwards, and use ultimate to quickly ''teleport'' (which is mostly just like a cannonshot towards that area). or use your ultimate to root (keep in place) all enemies in xxx distance for xx (typically 5-8) seconds.

    Not too long before coming to this server, i used to play on a WCS server. It was basically the only standing server left (as they had great techs/modders/coders/people who know how to create a server and not just copy and paste). This server brought in a great amount of players as it would be full quite often. the donations from this server seemed pretty great and the server provided players with the ability to ''purchase'' their own custom class in which they would post a thread explaining how they want their race called,the abilities it provides, and depending on the abilities and the complication of the creation process, the price would range about 15+dollars (which surprising a lot of players had actually created and bought their own and i just peaked at one of the approved races and saw that a player had paid $88 to get it created).
    Of course everything would be balanced, and nobody will be able to pay for an overpowered race. each race was reviewed and balanced accordingly.

    I believe having a wcs server will bring in more players to plaguefest, as you may provide a betting system to donators who play on the wcs server. (the shopmenu and bank was another main feature for wcs)

    Some problems i can see with this is that it requires a lot of maintenance and work to keep it running. The bugs alone can be a hassle and the coding for balance and race creation. I wouldn't like to take the focus off of other servers for this one though. another would be that players tend to stay loyal to a specific wcs server since a lot of work is required to gain the exp and levels and starting on a new server tends to be annoying but when you gain the players, they tend to stay.

    I believe this game mode can replace the GG server because it provides another player vs player shooting, rather than having another zombie mod and minigame.

    If anyone have questions about how WCS mods work, feel free to ask and i'll do my best to explain as thoroughly as i can.

    Edit: if allowed, i can post a link to their ''race request'' page on their forums so u can see how the pricing and procedure is done.
    Also i am in no way advertising for this server, im sorry it looks like it but this is the best way i can explain and give reason for why this would be a great server.

    TL;DR : wcs mod is like regular gameplay but with skills/abilities. You level up and unlock new races. each race is different. But hosting one takes a LOT of work.
  2. Stormblizzard
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    Mar 16, 2012
  3. Jan 8, 2012
    Negative Nancy :giggle:
  4. Jul 4, 2011
    I used to play on a WCS server as well, good times. I'm not a fan however of the "buying a custom class" idea, the perks of paying to be better than everyone else would scare most people away, perhaps you could get a small XP boost over the normal players as a donator or access a few classes that only donators can.
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    • Feb 9, 2012

      Well the thing is, they had the admins,players, and themselves review every skill that they buyer wanted. they would make adjustments on the duration,timer,and other skills needed so that the race would not be overowerd. ths feature was not for players to be able to be OP, but rather for them to think of an idea of what they would want in their race, and mash it together.
      One of the most fun custom race i saw made was called "B-52 Bomber". This race had:
      -unlimited grenade
      -high jump+slight long jump
      -only about 20-25% invis
      -nades had knockback
      -but nades only did 7-18 damage.
      This class was Very fun even tho your likelyhood of staying alive isn't too great and your chances of 1v1 is horrible. The thing is, the player who had created and bought this custom class figured it was a fun class and allowed his custom race to be used for donators only. This was another feature as players who bought their race were allowed to release it to other donators too. If you look through the process they do, they do not do a quick change on the race. most ideas will take at least 1 month before a full approval as they need to make sure there aren't skills that make it impossible to kill (as that is one of the rules they have for making the race).
      Also, they do let players know that after the creation, if the race is still deemed overpowered, it will undergo a nerf but if a race is too weak, then they will not change it. (unless it was too weak before of a nerf)

      and yes, i spent much time playing wcs as well. at least 800+ hours were spent on it.

      Here is the post they had put up on their race creation process :

      Payed for races will be handled on a first come first serve basis.

      The process will be as follows:
      • Race request posted using format listed below.
      • Review by administration.
        • Approval is determined by point total.
        • Points:
          • Private: 6 points are required before a private race is approved
          • Donor: 10 points are needed, or 4 negative votes to reject a donor race
          • Standard: 8 points are needed, or 4 negative votes to reject a standard race
        • Trials can give you .5 points, Mods 1 point, and Admins 2 points.
        • Each time an alteration or point is received you are to reply with the modified race and current point scale.
        • If a member of the administration has access to the race, that member cannot give approval points to the race
      • Any alterations to make it fit the server.
      • Approval and pricing.
      • Payment.
      • Creation, allowing 1 - 4 weeks dependent on skills. (this is after the race has been approved)
      • Installation to server.
      Pricing is as follows:
      • Flat 5$ fee to add the race to the server if private, or donor. Standard races have no creation fee.
      • Race to have your name: 10$
      • Skills:
        • Standard (Simple): 2$
        • Unique (Moderate): 6$
        • Extensive (Hard): 12$
      Description of skill difficulty:
      • Standard: Skills common to WCS (Evade, Slow, Freeze, Crit, etc.)
      • Unique: Requires group of skills, or coding, or effects (Rogue Hunter's trap, Storm Spirit's lightning, Reaper's Highjump)
      • Extensive: Large amounts of code (B52 nade explosions, Reaper's Sticky Nades, Radigun's Skills - how they work together)
      Things to remember when constructing your race:
      • Keeping in conjunction with all the guidelines in this thread may prove difficult, especially when races have synergies.
      • Having a race with a large amount of levels does not give you the right to expect it to be OP (Over Powered).
      • Paying more for a race does not give you the right to expect it to be OP (Over Powered).
      • Having a race with a large amount of skills does not give you the right to expect it to be OP (Over Powered).
      • Lack of originality on your part is not our concern. If your race is merely a copy of another, so be it. We may restrict this is certain cases.
      • We can and will at times exercise the right to refuse your race for any reason. That reason should be told to you on most circumstances.
      Frequently asked questions:
      • Can we add custom sounds? Possibly, dependent on size, etc.
      • Can we add a custom model? No, we do not Support this.
      • Can each skill have a different max level? Yes, skill one can take 1 point, while skill 2 can take 10, etc.
      • How long will my race be mine? Forever. You pay one time and that is it. We may clone it if you no longer play as a donor race.
      • What is indefensible skills? Simply put, skills such as capture, which we will remove eventually.
      • I heard something about sharing?
        • You may purchase other permanent slots for a players to use this race for the life time of the server. Cost will be 1/2 the creation fee to a maximum of $20.
      • HellzStormer and JT have not posted in my thread, why? This is to be expected. Members of the community will give their opinions and we will let them explain their grounds before we discuss options with you.
      • When will my race get changed to 'Approved'? Patience. When you get all your points one of the forum moderators will come in and change your title to approved so that it may be priced.
      • Why do I have to pay $8 for a unique skill already on a race? It is still a complex skill. Essentially you are taking the uniqueness away from another race.
      • My race is available to donors? If you are not on the server for over 60 days we reserve the right to make your race available to donors.
      • How do I get my steamid?
        • Launch CS:S.
        • Go to options -> keyboard -> advanced.
        • Make sure "Enable Developer Console" is checked.
        • Enter the server.
        • Press "~", and type status.
        • Copy the line with your name in it, like so:
          Code: (deleted as it showed the owner's name and server)
      • How many skills can i have? You can have up to 7 skills. However, a skill can contain any number of powers, so you could have multiple powers stacked into one skill. Those powers will be counted separately for the pricing.
      • Can you make abilities or ultimates that do something while the bind is held down? Yes we can. We have not yet had a public race that needed such a feature, but it is possible to, for example, make an ultimate that you charge holding the bind and release said bind it when you want the effect to trigger. These require a slightly different bind than the regular one. That "new" bind is compatible with bind that do not require to hold the key, so ability1 remains just one bind no matter if it is meant to be held or not.
      • How many private races can i have? There is no limit to the number of private races you can have. However, if you already have 2, then others privates will pass first, even if they were requested later.
      Race restrictions:
      • We will not allow a race to be OP (over powered)
      • There is no restriction on skills or max level
      • A race can not cause indefensible positions to the opposition.
      • Standard race restrictions (followed for most circumstances):
        • Max Speed: Knifers: 1.6, Gunners: 1.4
        • Max Invisibility: Knifers: 80%, Gunners: 64%
        • Max Health: 150
        • These are flexible, but not based on pricing, only on balance.
        • Using the highest value with more than one of those is likely to lead to something overpowered, so beware.
      To request your race:
      First, select the prefix that suits your race request. Whether it be public, donor, or private.
      Create a post, with the following title: Your-race's-name
      Template: To be followed for a race to be considered.
      • Race Name: RaceName
      • Your In-Game-Name: xxxxxxx
      • Today's Date: Oct. 11, 09
      • Your Steamid: STEAM:0:0_1234(refer to FAQ above to get it, not needed if requesting donor race)
      • Number of skills: XX
      • Note: You may include percentages for each level of your skill if you wish to.
      • Name and description of each skill (Include if ultimate/ability1&2&3&4):
        • Skill1 Name: Skill description, Max Level
        • Skill2 Name: Skill description, Max Level
        • Skill3 Name: Skill description, Max Level
        • Skill. Name: Skill description, Max Level
      • Any other info you would like to include.
      To use this exact formatting in your post, you can copy and paste this code box and fill in the appropriate info (preferred)
      Code: (deleted as it showed the name of the server owner and the server)
      Also, every person requesting a race needs to put the staff member and their points at the bottom of their original post. So just add something similar to -

      Nyuu - 2
      Mango - 2
      Rat - 2
      Total Points: 6
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      • Feb 18, 2011
        WCS has to be tinkered beyond all belief.
        -First you have to get rid of the OP classes.
        -Then you have things like the classes conflicting with SMAC on the server.
        -People can grief soooo much easier when they can teleport over to you and shoot your cade then leave.
        -You have classes that creates props, easy tool to fuck with people.
        -From when I last had a WCS server it was a bandwidth whore. (Could be different now though.)
        -Certain classes can crash server.
        -WCS Admin (Can be easily abused if given to lower level admins, but I don't think management would even want to give that out.)
        -Hard to populate when your community is used to having full 56+ slot servers.
        I like the mod, but I don't think that it would get added not only because it requires a lot of work and maintenance, looking at the servers that have that mod now are either some 20 slot server started by a few kids (naming this because I did it, so did many friends.) and servers that are dead.
      • Feb 9, 2012

        -of course the OP classes will be rid of, or they can be tweaked by any coders we may have.
        -there really shouldnt be any cades, this is a wcs mod. you shoot other players to kill them. teleporting straight to the enemy team would result in death
        -you can easily remove classes that do create props, the server i played did not allow any race to have props
        -yes it probably was a bandwidth whore.
        -classes that cause crash would be looked into or removed, most of them are removed or arent even added.
        -im not too sure how this would be more easily abused compared to any other server. anyone abusing would be reported and have a talk probably.
        -for me, i dont find wcs to be a server that id want to ave 56+ people on. at most 30-45 is ideal.

        But again, this would be a mod server and can be tweaked in any way. I just figure this would be a much better alternative to GUN GAME and would also bring in alot of donation/money to the server.

        But again, if im allowed i can post a link to their ''race creation'' section on their forums and you can see how they thoroughly change skills constantly until it is balanced. and the pricing for some of the races are pretty ridiculous but people really want their own personal race. it gives them a way to stand out and have a race they can play when they're bored. it is probably also to show off as it is neat to have a race that no one else can obtain (unless you allow it)
      • Apr 9, 2007
        Maybe. We will have to see. We'd replace GG with this if anything were to occur.
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        • Feb 18, 2011
          Yea I know about all the tweaking/configing that goes into it. My main concern is just having a server that nobody will play on. GG is empty, but replacing it with a server that requires more resources and keeping it empty will only cause more of a problem. However, if the server gets people on it then I would quickly change my mind.
        • Jul 19, 2011
          I think this is a future server that might actually go somewhere. Ideas are well developed and people seem intrinsically motivated to do this. I will be more than happy to assist in any way possible. GG SUCKS
        • Feb 9, 2012
          well liek i said, i have an example server that i can give, but i will not post it unless it is allowed. this server is doing pretty great and the money they get from the server is pretty great too. but like you said anathema, hosting a WCS required a LOT of work and resources.
        • Jun 4, 2006
          I still don't get why everyone is all about REPLACING gg. We could always just add ANOTHER server. Why does GG need to be hated on? That server is forever alone, let the fucker marinate in it and shut up. Talk about kickin' a server while it's down... GG doesn't deserve that. If anything GG is gonna get nuke'd... I didn't include it in the !servers menu for a reason... I don't know if anyone has taken a hint but we've had no plans (or efforts) to populate GG for well over a year... it's the neglected server that no one ever really cared about, but there was never a reason to take it down. Still isn't a reason, SB2 is empty as fuck. Once we start throwing up more servers though, for sure GG will be nuked. Until then... whodafuqcares
        • Apr 9, 2007
          Saving resources for GO, which is why this, along with other servers, are maybes instead of Yes.
        • Feb 9, 2012
          doesnt keeping the gg server up cost more to maintain? if so then that's a pretty good reason to bring it down as the money could be better spent elsewhere.
          if not, then i guess there is no reason to replace it although there might be people who go on there and troll randomly since i doubt much admins will go there or check it.
        • Jun 4, 2006
          every server is a maybe unless it's given an explicit "never" or "nope", it only becomes a yes once you see a test server up for it, even then it's only a half yes, since it goes through a short period before it becomes 'official'

          No, keeping GG online does not cost us any more $. The cost of the dedicated servers are a flat rate, per month. All that really limits us is the hardware of our servers. All GG uses is a small amount of hardware resources, on a server box that has plenty of room for other shit. GG will be nuked, but until we have more servers to put up there's no reason to. We could add a couple more servers before GG would have to go to hopefully free up a small amount of resources, but we'd probably kick it to the curb with the introduction of just 1 new official server on that box. (and by box we always mean dedicated server, which hosts the game servers [we have 3 currently, 1 for zombies, 1 for others, and 1 for services/web], if this was at all confusing...)
        • Feb 9, 2012

          No i understand what you meant. thanks for letting me know, i've always thought each server required money to maintain. but owning a WCS would definitely require it's own dedicated server. has any server been put up for a test recently?
          if so, how come i haven't seen it advertised.
          if not, when do you guys decide that a server is worthy of being put through a test and how will this work?

          Im happy that you guys are up for new servers but i think it's a good idea if we have a process of how a server could be started for a test (unless if it's absolutely pointless) which could be decided by a vote.
        • Dec 6, 2011
          holy shit, I only skimmed through this but I like the sound of it. I'm a huge fan of leveling/earning shit. It's probably my #1 priority for games.
        • Feb 9, 2012
          This is one of the main reasons why people tend to stay loyal to a server. once u start a server, you'll likely stay on it for a long time trying to level your races up, and unlock new races.
          One unappealing thing is that people who don't tend to be great shooters will look away from this. Getting exp requires you to be able to kill,shoot,assist, and win rounds. headhots give more exp.
        • Dec 6, 2011
          I saw you mentioned bomb defusing game types, and the such. What about extending to outside of the box? Maybe try something no other server has? Possibly some type of story mode in the WCS? Completing tasks in CS:S type ways to earn XP, and killing others, etc.
        • Feb 9, 2012
          That would get to be a little more complicated. typically wcs mod is suppose to be like normal gameplay, with modded skills/stats. planting bomb and defusing it did give exp to the team, and killing players with kill streaks gives u more exp. there's multiple ways to earn exp. u can buy exp books with ur money (u gain about 2000 ish cash each round, and 4000 if u win, and u have a bank which can hold up to 500k cash.)
          $16,000 = 500 exp
          $4000 = 100 exp

          This way people aren't buying guns every round and wasting their money, and it promotes actually trying to stay alive.
        • Jun 4, 2006
          There's no answer to the 'when' question, we decide when we decide... depends on a lot, current tasks on the to-do list can often push back any possibility of expansion, as they currently are, but if we want to try something out, we throw a server up and get people in, if it seems like it might work out, we look into it further. There's no real process to it, it comes down to 1) if we have room, 2) if we have time, 3) if it's an idea that's even possible / worth it (ive seen suggestions for long old and broken game modes with no sign of return), 4) if we want to do it / try it, 5) what the community thinks of the proposed idea - these aren't in any particular order, just a quick list of the main factors.