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Post your Christmas tree

Discussion in The No Count Section started by Rayne Valar, Nov 25, 2013

  1. Nov 29, 2012
    Okay thought I'd start this since I love Christmas so much. And excited for the holidays, so if you have anything christmasy or a christmas tree that's already set up post it!
    Here is mine. :grin:

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    • Mar 4, 2012
      It's not even thanksgiving yet.
    • Feb 8, 2013
      :alien: It's green. Whatever.
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      • Sep 14, 2008
        I dont celebrate Christmas anymore, but your tree is pretty
      • Nov 29, 2012
        Only 3 days till Thanksgiving, always like having the tree up early.Family tradition :O
        Post Merged, Nov 25, 2013
        Thanks :grin: and sorry to hear Dani. :frown:
      • Mar 12, 2008
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        • Aug 7, 2012
        • Apr 3, 2013
          It's not December yet, so have my tree from last year
        • Feb 3, 2012
          Is there any mako on your tree?
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          • Mar 26, 2011
            I will post mine in the morning, it's black. I am also sure lights are dead in it.
          • Jul 8, 2012
            You should fix that lol.
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            • Feb 27, 2012
              Well, my mom doesn't like Christmas, so here's our tree.
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              • Dec 30, 2006
                I think that's the biggest tree I've seen in a few years......good job Tony.
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                • Dec 6, 2011
                  Yeah, everything's pretty tiny for Secprotocol. And I mean EVERYTHING. (yes I'm racist against SP obviously)

                  I used to go hand cut my own but every since things got ridiculously busy, we just went with a fake one. It still looks pretty nice though when it's fully decorated, I'll edit this post and place it here when we put it up so I don't add to the spam on the first page of this thread.
                  Brett, Nov 26, 2013 Last edited by Secprotocol, Nov 26, 2013
                • May 2, 2013
                  I dont have a goddam tree!!! this makes me think my first year living alone will lack colors this december xD