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Power To The Local Dreamer |-/

Discussion in Music started by Tony The Tiger, Sep 16, 2015

  1. Feb 27, 2012

    Alright, so on Sunday I went to go see Twenty One Pilots with a friend from work and his sister. When we were on the way, Avery told us that she had a friend who was holding us a spot in line who was pretty close to the front of the line, so we were pretty excited and thankful to her. When we got there the line was freaking huge. There was a scalper trying to buy and sell tickets from people. Of course he asked us, but we told him no thanks. We were walking to find Avery's friends and he was walking the same way in front of us. A lady was coming towards us and he asked her if she had any extra tickets or wanted to buy some, but she said "no, i'm just looking for my daughter!" so he came back with "well that was a waste of a conversation!" He had the entire line in stitches with some of the shit he was saying. As they started letting some people through the bag check, Tyler and Josh posted a photo of them on the dock, and everyone was seeing it on their feeds (twitter, instagram, facebook, etc) and people were freaking out trying to see if they were over there. But the silly people didn't realize the picture was taken much earlier in the day and was just posted at that moment.

    Next some guy nearly got kicked to the back of the line because they thought he was cutting in line. He went to grab a hot dog then went back with his friends and security flipped out on him. Poor guy. The guy selling hot dogs didn't have any drinks either, and i was pretty thirsty. I was planning on getting something inside.

    I went to do a coat check, so Zach and Avery had gone inside, and i met up with them in there. The room was filling up quick so i didn't bother getting a drink. God did i regret that decision.

    So i got on the floor, and right away people were shoving and pushing, and it was pretty irritating. The entire show was General Admission so there were no assigned seats and whatnot. So it's to be expected, to an extent. First person to piss me off was some fat chick i could feel pushing people behind me. Zach and i were standing side by side, and she was trying to get between us and pushing us out of the way, but we wouldn't let her get by. We get it, you want to get right close to the stage. So does everybody else, fuck off. She she kept it up, so i turned around and gave her the stare of death. She stopped and stood there for a while. The opening band was Finish Ticket, and they were actually really good. I didn't get a video, so here's one of the songs they played for us, which i believe was their opening song. Personally i think they sound better live, but it's still good.

    During them playing their opening song, for some reason the crowd was swaying side to side, it was really weird. It was like the side got completely shoved and everyone shifted, then we shifted back over. During this, the fat girl behind us barreled through Zach and I and nearly knocked me over. Whatever, you got what you wanted. I didn't see her for the rest of the show. Now, for the rest of Finish Ticket, and all of Echosmith's performance, some tall chubby guy was right against my god damn back, and his body was touching me from my ass up to my shoulders. All i could feel was his sweaty body against mine. On top of that, he kept pushing me for no reason. It was getting really irritating, because at this point Zach had ended up in front of me, so he could feel him shoving me. I was ready to turn around and sock him in the face, but Zach stared him down, and he stopped shoving but kept his disgusting body against mine. Whatever, i can deal with that. Eventually he moved beside me and started apologizing, i just ignored him.

    As i mentioned, Echosmith was the second band to play! i got a recording, then accidentally stopped the recording, then tried to start it again and the camera wouldn't flip. Thankfully you can rotate the video on youtube. So i finished recording the video sideways then waiting for TOP to come on. Here's the 2 videos. I wasn't a fan of their performance because she was very "look at me, i am a queen!" acting. Like, no, screw off. I do really like their music though.
    (forgive me, i get several notification sounds while recording.)

    Original Song:
    This is the song most people have heard from them. It's really good as well. The crowd loved this song.

    Someone else was able to record this song, and she has a nice speech in the song. Obviously this song is one of those "you're not alone, i know how you feel" ones, so obviously the speech is inspiring to those who think they aren't cool or loved and whatnot. Her little speech is at about 2:10

    So they finished, and while we were waiting for TOP to set up, we were all singing songs while waiting for them to start. It was really cool. I caught the ass end of the last one we did unfortunately, but it was still really cool. You can hear people in the front faintly continuing the song near the end.

    This is the song we were singing.

    Then finally, the beginning of several songs. The beginning has heavy bass so you can't really hear shit. But the entire show consisted of us screaming the lyrics to every song. Tyler barely had to do any rapping/singing. And he loved it. I could see him smiling. I've been watching videos of their performances elsewhere, and nobody seemed as excited to see TOP as we, Toronto, did. It was spectacular. Forgive me shaking the camera so much here, everyone was so excited and shoving each other, so i was getting shoved a lot.

    Original song:

    All in all, it was a fantastic show. It will probably be one of the best concerts i will ever go to. When i went to Mayhem a couple years ago, it was actually kind of boring. Even when the headliner came on, nobody really did anything. We only really sang to one song, and it was only 1 line. It was very boring for a metal concert. Now that i've experienced this one, it was definitely bad.

    Finally, when we were leaving, the cab drivers were trying to rip us off big time. They wanted us to pay $25-$30 for a $15 drive. We offered a guy $20 and he took it, and he was really nice.

    Minus the assholes in the crowd, it definitely seemed like everyone wanted to see Twenty One Pilots, and it made for an awesome experience. The crowd was fun, even to the 2 openers. At mayhem, nobody did anything the opening bands wanted them to do. It was pathetic. But this made up for everything, and i can't wait for them to come back to Ontario.

    If you guys haven't listened to their music before, i very much recommend them to you all. I think they're very unique. Their sound, their genre, everything. They're also pretty cool people.

    Here's them goofing off!

    @Jed @Jeremy
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    • Jan 21, 2011

      I saw them live at suburbia fest in Texas last summer. Kick ass show.
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      • Apr 18, 2014
        Thank you Tony for introducing me to this amazing band, im soo jelly of u ;-; I wish i was there.
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        • Feb 27, 2012
          Found the Finale. It was a pretty sick.

          ...and someone also recorded Goner. It shows really well how the entire show went. Everyone was singing every song. Like, i can't get over how awesome the crowd was. They wanted to be there, and wanted to see them perform.

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          • Jun 11, 2012
            Damn urban music. Ruining America.
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            • Feb 5, 2013