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Predator event

Discussion in Setup an Event started by Hek, Mar 9, 2012

  1. Jan 14, 2012
    Plague Fest has been close many times, had a few glitched wins, but never actually had a legit win (correct me if I'm wrong).

    I created a topic to discuss the hard respawn settings on Predator. However, Luffaren has made an excellent point with his post. The fact that we've been this close so many times makes me believe we can do it.

    Nevertheless, it will require a lot of skilled players to actually win it. Therefore I created this topic!

    My plan:
    • Find a moment (friday night?) when a lot of skilled players can be online (preferably admins and donators because of their higher HP)
    • Set predator straight to ultimate in admin room to prevent first level fails and frustrations.
    • Warm up round, to prevent first round fail
    • Encourage people to read / view tutorials on how to play ultimate properly (more on this later on)
    • Actually win predator!
    Some pointers for ultimate (from start to finish, correct me if I'm wrong!)
    • Keep an eye on the in game announcements by the map itself, they will tell you what you should do most of the time
    • Buy p90 (predator counts the number of hits, not the amount of damage in health points) + pistol (deagle for me) + armor + nade
    • Try to make zombies take lower route, it's easier to defend
    • Hold zombies taking upper route till 8:10 at the pipes
    • [Upper route] Fall back to the ladder around 8:10, elevator will now be warming up
    • [Upper route] Hold there for 5-10 seconds (1 clip) and fall back, elevator is on it's way when you fall back
    • [Lower route] Try back paddling if you can, but don't risk anything
    • Hold the ladder next to the elevator until the 30 seconds announcement
    • Make sure you are near the elevator when the 5 seconds announcement shows, it's 5 seconds until the door opens, another 5 till the elevator leaves
    • Hold the vent with 5 people
    • Hold upper of course
    • Hold until 10 seconds announcement
    • Make sure you know how to make the jump properly! This is what I do: I stand on the crates in the middle with my back to the zombies, so I'm watching the platform. When the lift begins I point my cross hair to the platform, so I'm looking down (while pressing backwards, to go up faster). This should put you right in the middle of the big white square (entrance of the ship). Do not use other keys or do crazy things with your mouse, because then you'll end up on the edge of the white square maybe. I look up to the white square at the last moment. When you go through, press forward and crouch to make a clean jump. If you're having troubles with this, I suggest you watch the video below to see how Tony does it. Also, practice. If you do fail, go as quickly as you can up the stairs, there should be just enough time.
    • Do not try to hold the entrance of the ship before the warped hall way! The zombies will land right on top of you. RUN!!
    • Easy holding from here on if things went well. You don't have to look at the door, the announcement will tell you when to fall back.
    If all things above go well, we only lose a few humans. I think we will stand a decent chance if there are at least 40 humans and around 15 zombies.

    Predator fight
    My addition to the last one: it's very important that every player in the final room hits the Alien 10 times. So if you're in the front of the group, try to crouch. The rest, spread out! *assuming that shooting through a player doesn't count as an Alien hit.

    @Tony Montana winning predator (glitched alien)

    What would be great of course is if somebody could 'lead' us to victory over the mic. Luffaren himself can do this very well in my opinion, but there are several people who are able to this of course.

    Who's in?
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    • Jul 19, 2011
      too much possibility for error. Not a chance.
    • Feb 24, 2011
      I'm for this, we'll never beat this map without some real effort into it, and i'm sure we can do it.
      I'd say go for it!
    • Jul 4, 2011
      I'm definitely in. Let's get that alien once and for all! :zombiekiller: To actually win though you need more zombies than humans at the end, if there's more than 15-20 humans, they'll all block eachothers bullets leaving the alien unaffected and alive. The perfect scenario would be 10-15 humans, one person with either push gun or gauss rifle who knows what they're doing and great teamwork.
    • Feb 14, 2012
      No offence but our admins are hardly skilled. :razz: I'm in but I doubt we're making it past the elevator. Just remember "good players" make half zombie bitches. Preditor basically comes down to people willing to follow voice commands of one person. You need one guy on the mic telling people what to do the rest muted and people who are willing to follow the direction and not derp out.
    • Mar 12, 2008
      Trying to orchestrate that all, especially in our server would be next to impossible lol.

      good luck to those that are going to try this though
    • Feb 11, 2012
      Sure im in just hit me up on steam :smile:
    • Jan 5, 2012
      I'm no donator, but im pretty good at predator, I'm in. People just have to stay at the front of the room to kill the alien, i did it with over 15 people.
    • Feb 21, 2007
      i've beaten predator with only my knife before
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      • Aug 1, 2011
        Watch out guys, we got a badass over here.
      • Jun 23, 2011
        Im in for this since trying to lead failfest is near impossible
      • Dec 6, 2011

        Anyways, I would gladly like to be on there to command on the mic. We need to make sure we get as many donators/admins on as possible so the noobs get kicked for a reserved slot. I'll try to let all of the pro ZE'ers that usually play know about this, since a bit of them aren't on pF forums.

        This should be an official date, possibly even 2 dates for this event, just in case we fail on the first try?

        And we don't need to skip ahead to ultimate, we should have to play all difficulties or else it wouldn't be a legit win.
      • May 11, 2011
        i will help if it is not on a Monday or Thursday night i fence then
      • Jan 14, 2012
        Seems like we're getting better every day!

        I recorded a very close one today with Fraps, so here's a summary:

        • 29 humans, 23 zombies when going up the Alien ship
        • Perfect push gun at stairs in Alien ship
        • Lost nobody until predator fight
        • Predator lands on the platform on 4:20
        • 19 people threw their nades the moment the Predator touched the platform
        • Start rage made (crouching) at 3:42
        • Stairs appeared at 2:32
        • Excellent push gun again on zombie bridge
        • Last bridge appeared at 2:00
        Surviving humans:
        1. @Tony Montana
        2. @Kvothe the Arcane
        3. Latino #NBHNC
        4. @Luffaren
        5. C7 Coritora
        6. Angel
        7. @TrickMaster
        8. - Expert - Bruce Willis
        10. @Hek
        • Alien reached the room at exactly 1:27
        We weren't able to kill the Alien at the end. So for next time: really spread out over the room. This way hopefully all players will be able to hit the Alien :smile:

        Few more like this and we don't even need an event to win it! :smile:

        Edit: yes: shit just got serious haha
      • Oct 29, 2010
        I nearly solo'ed Pred once on a full server. Was the last guy for a full 15 seconds.

        I got tagged exactly 2 seconds before I was supposed be lifted up to the heavens of victory >.>
      • Jan 12, 2012
        I've beating Predator while blind Drugged and Only with a beacon -.-
      • Jan 14, 2012
        Video mentioned above:

        First CSS video :smile:
      • Oct 29, 2010
        Push Gun use level: very @Luffaren.
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        • Oct 17, 2011
          Silly Retslag, you''re just a doctor, not a video gamer. last time on zmp, I whooped you badly :razz:. Anyways I'm in. I have a really good aim from zm but I don't play that much Ze, but I will try since I have already played the map.