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Predator Win

Discussion in CS:S Zombie Escape started by Divine, Nov 10, 2013

  1. Jul 2, 2013
    This happened a few days ago but yea.

    Imma go get my Pirate Port Royal Win Uploaded. I'm proud because we won 2 times in a row!
  2. Nov 17, 2012
    Not worthy of a thread IMO. We've won it so many times xD
  3. Mar 4, 2012
    not soloing predator

    Come on m8

  4. Nov 17, 2012
    Why ruin a great map with people trying to Solofag, literally not even possible anyways.
  5. Jul 23, 2012
    It is possible yo.
  6. Apr 28, 2013

    Possible but there are two method.
    1. The green blood method (legit but probably the hardest solo possible)
    2. The "go behind the alien and then rush to the door" method (probably the more probable way but if the alien doesn't die, it's automatically rendered a "glitch win")

    From what I can tell, I believe the hp system of the alien is 50 base hp + 30hp per ct (Idk if this is correct or not) so it's probably going to take some bullets to kill the alien "green blood" legit. To solo win pred legit (method 1), it's going to require either infinite ammo or an mg but it's very hard to perform and it hasn't been done yet. As for the "go behind the alien and rush the door" method, it's a completely different story as the alien most of the time doesn't die and kills as but one ct explained in this vid.

    As you can see, the alien didn't die rendering the solo win "glitched".

    The first (and only legit) method would be probably the hardest solo win but whoever performs this would probably be exalted on ze somehow :smile:.
  7. Mar 30, 2013
    Hydreigon, the guy is a russian, so a troller, so a players who don't shoot alien and glitch.

    Win like that is bad.

    But you can also glitch if you crouch at the last room (only work on hellz ?)
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    • Aug 12, 2012
      meh predator win, can you guys beat taboo or ut already lol
    • Apr 28, 2013

      Already had to confirm about this type of win. It's rendered invalid because no "green blood" is involved.

      But to tell you the truth, this would be my favorite pred win of all time.

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      • Apr 9, 2012
        Ok, so, predator has been won many times by now. I don't know you so perhaps for you it's still something pretty amazing, which is nice.

        However, if you would have searched up, there are about 6 or so threads about a predator win, I don't even think there are as many for Mako.
        In my opinion, it's not worth the thread but it's not like you did wrong doing so, it's just how I think.

        But, what I think troubles me is you started a thread to upload a video with only the ending, where it stops after a few seconds and then goes on without audio, which I why I felt necessary to explain how useless the thread is. Nevertheless, while it's nice to see a predator win, it seems like you guys were barely with over 30 people, along that there seems to be no zombies even after entering the room, which questions me wether this is really a worthful win.

        After all, who am I to say it's wrong to post this as I did my own predator thread as well, but I expected a more qualified video nevertheless :confused:

        via http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dAQ2H6nqOBk
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        • Mar 4, 2012
          Dude I did it and yes I did shoot the shit out of the alien at the end.
        • Nov 17, 2012
          Why do you guys care so much about Solo's? I'd rather just play the game, help the team win that people either team killing, hiding etc. to "Solo". I'm seeing it more and more with these newer maps as people can just hide with an item etc. and kill all the remaining Zombies. I do not like the way the ZE community has evolved.

          EDIT: If a 'Solo' does occur the congrats to that person, but when people whore maps, whore items just to do so it really wrecks the gameplay.
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            Complexity, Nov 11, 2013 Last edited by ΣZΣ | ๖ۣۜComplex1ty, Nov 11, 2013
          • Feb 3, 2012
            And Kloud is still on vacation. :disdain:
          • Apr 1, 2012
            and here I am, waiting, lurking, dwelling and watching...

            for the day..


            pF conquered taboo..

            but.... that's asking too much. ohai guise.
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            • Apr 3, 2013
              I still have inet you fool. Pred here gets won like once a month. And soloing can be done without ditching the team over (hide with wind on mako) Altho i remember soloing Ex1 Mako (currently my only worthy solo), i got a huge adrenaline rush.
            • Feb 12, 2012
              Jesus, another predator win thread...

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              • Oct 29, 2010


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                • Feb 24, 2011
                  I would allow this as a legit win in all honesty. The alien is supposed/intended to run through the final hallway, kill everyone it touches and disappear, nothing else.
                  The so called glitch is caused by the trigger_hurt attached to the alien that is too slow to hurt/kill humans in a bigger group, hence you sometimes get a slight amount of "glitched" survivors as it runs past.

                  I'd kinda say that the green blood would be more of a guideline to make sure/prove that the alien never got past all humans. I would still feel kinda "meh" about seeing the alien die halfway inside the wall (where it should have touched all players inside the room). Just my personal opinion though.

                  You might think that running behind the alien would be some form cheating, i wouldn't say so personally as you need people to really defend all-out after the final bridge (just before where the alien drops down) as they also need to time it just right. If you start running too early you'll get killed by the alien, and if you start running too late the door will close on you. Teamwork, timing and coordination would be necessary for the team to win while doing that.

                  But all in all.. think of a win in whatever way you like. These are just my opinions.
                  I'd just like to see some quality/epic wins with tough odds, risk-taking and great teamwork. It just makes the wins so much better. Winning the map with 10 humans and 2 zombies wouldn't impress me much at all, it's all about the tough circumstances and how the players work to overcome it that makes my funny-bone tingle. :wink:
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                  • Jul 23, 2012

                    still fucking hate you for that
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                    • Mar 4, 2012
                      Lol dude I was kidding with my original post. In my particular situation I only ended up soloing because I was helping the team by holding off the zombies. I just happened to turn around with a full mag in my P90 right when the alien dropped down and I shot him from the back while he was headed to the final room and I made it in before the door closed.

                      I'd rather have the team win rather than getting a lot of kills or something like that.