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Discussion in Everything & Anything started by teemo, Aug 27, 2015

  1. Feb 3, 2012
    This signature is something different... :sidefrown:

  2. Jun 29, 2014
    cant hold my tongue any longer

    pay for the 1 server that has barley any players in it? besides mini games that just gets regulars in there a few nights a week, you say taking pay4admin away would financially crash pF yet for some odd reason you guys are still paying for two server that are dead as fuck and wont ever be revived then when someone comes along and shares a great idea of either removing the two dead server to help SAVE MONEY or turn it into something else all you LSA shoot it down like its a stupid idea, i dont get it? bitch about money yet pay for dead servers.
  3. Jul 14, 2010
    I don't think you understand..

    Plaguefest doesn't pay for individual servers. They pay for a dedicated server and then install individual servers on that dedicated server. So individual servers do not cost the server money.. And we do try new ideas. There's a CS:GO Jailbreak in the works right now which pF has never done. I'm not saying money is problem right now, but without pay 4 admin, it would be. You seem to be the bitchy one...
  4. Jun 29, 2014
    So why not take those two dead servers and turn them into something else? which depending on what they were turned into could bring more people your guy's way,
  5. Jul 14, 2010

    .... There's no need to get rid of dead servers. New servers can be thrown up anytime, but we don't want to launch a ton of different ideas at once or we can't focus on one specific one to populate. Throwing up like 5 different servers makes it harder to populate a server because everyone has to spread out. Zm/Ze is still a work in progress, and CS:GO JB is still being worked on as well. Brainstorming ideas is great, but they have to be reasonable..
  6. Dec 27, 2012
    I am pretty sure you didn't understand the meaning behind it. Read carefully next time.
  7. Feb 8, 2013
    U're disgusting 'cause you want to jerk off to zombies!
  8. Dec 27, 2012
    Wrong, try again!
  9. Feb 8, 2013
    You crave for brainzzz, f4gg0t! Don't deny it.
  10. Dec 27, 2012
    Mmm...Unf- I mean, I'd never..! URUSAI BAKA, i-it's not like I like your b-brain or anything!..B-but, just one quick bite Orange onii-chan?
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    • Mar 26, 2015
    • May 17, 2014
      RIPPPPPPP. I knew ZM was fucked when they banned yung boi. Just keep on banning till the entire server is gone ;D
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      • Aug 7, 2012
        So when are you leaving again?
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        • Aug 12, 2012
          ban Tewfen next please ;D
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          • Apr 28, 2013
            Well, I guess I can say my opinion regarding the thread and the community.

            I sadly don't have much to say regarding this.

            Plaguefest has lived for quite a long time. A lot of players were banned over times. The true cause, I hate to admit, was the LSAs and roots stepping in to improve the server at a certain time(from what I seen from older posts, this trend actually was going on since 2013 and while there has been some changes, these changes weren't enough to improve gameplay). Ever since then, the community went a bit downhill at first but the worst to come was when toxic players that could not differentiate what maps were good or bad maps started to invade their ze server...sometime in 2014. To respond to this, players have constantly made threads or suggestions to improve the server with the maps (especially mountain) and the playerbase. The true test was @JorisCeoen's thread "What happened to Zombie Escape" which was a very well done thread and yet LSAs and Roots did nothing about it. At this point, I would imply the zombie escape would die sometime in the fall but rather had it's final nail in the coffin with the ddos and ip address change. After ze died, only zm lived on but it's unknown if it will live in the fall or die. Sorry for saying much about zm because I think ze was part of Plaguefest more than zm.

            Were Mistakes made? Yes. Does this mean we have to criticize about the LSAs and roots? No.

            And now, here is what I have to say with some players who posted here.

            @Jed: I definitally agree this thread is painful to read. This thread made me think of what future plaguefest will go through.

            @Whats His Face: You always have to be immature when it comes to these types of threads.

            @PeNguiN and @Secprotocol: You both had to make well constructed posts.

            All I hope is that this thread will be good for future endeavors.
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            • Feb 8, 2013
              It’s not a surprise that the ZM server is dying at the beginning of the school year. It’s fall. It happens. Students get back into their good‘ol school days and their usual daily routines of getting off class and working on homework and all sorts of bullshit. It’s simple; life happens.
              Either way, there’s no use arguing and debating over something that has already happened. Let’s seek a way out of this hole. I’m not familiar with the history of pF before the year of 2012, so I wouldn’t be able to make a clear judgment back tracking that far, but we all know that pF lacks motivation to change. At least that’s how I feel. I see it as they’re very stubborn and that they are afraid of what may come if we put forth change. Now, there are no guarantees to growth in our player base even if we do decide that some rules may need to be bent. I’m not saying change equals population, but regardless, we HAVE TO TRY! For example:

              - More leniency towards players who uses their mic. Players do often mic spam, but that’s the way they enjoy it and seems like players who are talkative attracts many that wants to listen to their gibberish and their story about the time at band camp. Who cares if they spam?!? Does it really hurt? No harm, no foul. This is one rule we can afford giving up and with the plugin we already have, players can simply mute anyone at their discretion.

              - Racism is another thing. I know that PlagueFest is trying to stay “clean”, but hey, is this worth losing players over for? Everyone’s racist. It’s a lie if you step forward and say you’re not. But when people use racial slurs, do they really mean it? Of course not. Most of the time, racial slurs are used just to amp up their jokes and people seem to enjoy that. I’m definitely not saying that we should allow excessive, hateful, discriminatory comments towards players and let them be harassed, but sometimes, admins have got to get off their fucking ass. Let them have fun their own way. That’s all gaming is about - having fun!

              - Give players more chances. I know this is hard to come by because there are so many assholes out there that won’t comply. They’ll dick around, get themselves on thin ice, and yank your hair out. This is totally unacceptable and players like these needs to get gone and rid of. If we were to start giving out chances, we’ll have to start by unbanning a lot of the players on the ban list. Hey, who knows? Just give them another try. It’s not the end of the world even if some of the players decide they’re just going to stick with being an asshole 4ever. At least we’ll be promised a player or two back on the servers and there’s nothing to lose. What? Another thread of your hair? It’s not like you’re not dealing with retards on a daily basis anyways. Give this a try.

              In the end, you’ll never know who the most loyal players are. In fact, you may have banned the most loyal ones, the ones that are the keystone to sustaining your community. Don’t you remember? PlagueFest and I landed on the wrong foot millions of times, but am I not the player that’s still sticking around even when the community is dying? No matter what, through thick and thin and ‘til the end, I’ll continue to support this community. Why? Because PlagueFest was the beginning of a journey, the start of an adventure, the alpha AND omega. It was the place where progress began. I would’ve left this game long ass time ago if I have not bumped into the great Zombie mod server. I visit the server here and there, but to see it die? That would be like losing where I came from. You guys are going to have to let go of some things. It might not be to your liking, but if it’s a possible chance of reverting to a live state of the servers, you guys have got to bend the rules and take the step. We’ve got to look at the bigger picture, you know? Think outside the box.
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                Orange, Sep 9, 2015 Last edited by Orange, Sep 9, 2015
              • Jan 21, 2011
                I don't want to quote your post, @Orange as it's quite long, but I'll say that with the implementation of !sm, we've eased up significantly on what's considered spam.

                The racism bit is a bit more difficult, and I've posted in the LSA threads about modifying the rule. Unfortunately, there are just as many good arguments for keeping it the same as there are for changing it, which Brian stated in the thread. Not to mention the last time a public thread was made about changing it, it quickly devolved into a shitshow.

                As for giving players more chances, I think you're a good example of our willingness to do so provided the player expresses interest in receiving another chance.

                Keeping ZM populated is difficult these days with school starting and CSS still seeing a steady decline in active players. Venturing into GO is proving to be an incredibly uphill battle as well being that its catered toward the competitive crowd, but that's not to say it's an impossible task.
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                • Dec 17, 2007
                  Agreed to a certain extent...i know it's late, but better late than never
                  Post Merged, Sep 9, 2015
                  This is true, and honestly looking back on it, I think that I can relate to quit a bit of the things that you went through here on PF
                • Feb 5, 2013

                  Heil Kyle!
                • Jan 25, 2014
                  Well my prediction is finally coming true just about 8 months later but ZM is at the lowest level it has ever been

                  So real question is what is going on behind the scenes to keep this place afloat or is all @Luffaren's work going to waste?

                  I see people continuing to be getting on around 6 for ze. Assuming you guys keep it up is CS GO ZM next in the pipeline?