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Pulp Fiction scene remade in Source Filmmaker

Discussion in Entertainment started by dillinger, Jul 12, 2012

  1. Feb 1, 2011
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    • May 5, 2012
    • Feb 1, 2011
      I think so, yeah.
    • May 5, 2012
      :O well i was not sure, i got beta yesterday but was like; fuck that shit :razz:

      http://www.sourcefilmmaker.com/post.php?id=8375&p=1 :razz: i dont think it is anyway lol
      ^-- Just go on steam store and search for: Source Filmmaker. :silly: its in public beta.
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        Magic, Jul 12, 2012 Last edited by Magic, Jul 12, 2012
      • May 14, 2011
        Haha I love it, now i need to watch pulp fiction!
        Post Merged, Jul 12, 2012
        hah i love green screen maps, the possibilities are immense, that trailer was sooo well made.