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Punk is dead punk is hippies

Discussion in Music started by Grape, Mar 11, 2015

  1. Oct 24, 2013
    I came across this cool little docu on youtube. I remember when I was a youth I was heavy in the punk scene, then I watched it really start to die. It's now replaced by some bitch boy scenesters doing fake karate moves in the pit.
    As the scene died away I remember these two Mexican kids that would show up with their mom who was a punk rocker too. I started to learn how a lot of the music that was popular in the states a long time ago is having a revival in South America and Central America. That world is actually really close and people unite across far distances through the net now, spreading the music that has kind of fallen out of favor for something less. I also remember that the South Asian region started getting bigger into punk culture. If you know anything about roots reggae or ska, you'll probably already have seen that skinhead culture is really big in Indo.
    Anyways this small film is cool because it shows how there is an actual real musical revolution still going on.
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