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Quick-scaled project: AWP_Rats_Electric_Organ

Discussion in Completed Maps started by JorisCeoen, Jun 25, 2013

  1. Apr 9, 2012
    (TL;DR below)

    Hello guys, here I am again with another map...

    2 days ago I had worked so hard on Cathedral and other stuff, and I also had the BBQ from my piano teacher that ended up in everyone being 'slightly' drunk and during till the late long houres (though it was very funny and we laughed the whole night xD lovely professor!)...

    So there I ended up with thinking that it would be useless to continue on cathedral when I'm departing to Italy in 2 days (for 6 days), because the next thing to do is the gameplay, which I want to start on a moment where I can work on it without getting disrupted by vacation or anything else. So in the spare time I really became extremely bored and there was literally nothing I cared to do, which I usually have the days after the exam-period xD

    So, I decided to join the RATS Mapping contest on Gamebanana after all! And after 4 days, I ended up with the first release of it, and since I depart tomorrow I better take care that the final version gets finished pretty soon somewhere within 8-10 houres, after some good sleep xD

    Here is the map

    It's my organ at home, if you want more information, feel free to read in the description on the page. If anyone is interested in organ, it's certainly something to look out for!



    - I was bored
    - Released new map, click above to watch
    - I'm away for 6 days in Italy, FINALLY VACATION GOD DAMMIT.


    Have fun guys, and goodnight :smile:
    Post Merged, Jun 25, 2013
    O yea, I forgot, please if you feel like voting, DO SO! I like to have a score based on decent votes, but also on many votes, because just a few votes has always bothered me with the fact that the score doesn't always reflect what my maps represent (which is unfortunatly of a depending factor on GB at times, and for certain people). Thanks a lot!
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    • Apr 9, 2012
      Updated and this version is final for the contest, but not final in general. Have fun!
    • Feb 3, 2012
      Sounds good :thumbsup: