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*Raises hand* My mediocre introduction!

Discussion in Introductions started by Yuri Dude, Apr 13, 2015

  1. Mar 26, 2015
    (Excuse me tewwible grammar and. punctuation. placement.)
    Hey oh. Just thought I'd do a late introduction. Not sure how many people are familiar with me tbh. But it doesn't matter.

    I'm Yuri Dude or River. I got my name because I'm an avid fan of Anime and took Yurippe from Angel Beats! as my "waifu" because screw da real world. I'm a Canadian... So yeah. lel

    I first started playing CSS in 2010 (I was probably like 14 at the time and I was a pirate) and my first server was Hideout gaming. That's when I fell inlove with ZM and pretty much neglected "regular" css or DM.
    I eventually stopped playing for two years. When I got back (in 2012 and I had a legal account by this time) I came across the PF servers and I'd usually hang in ZM or ZE. That's when I befriended two awesome members who eventually became cool Admins. (One of them is still active)
    I eventually left again and came back in 2013 (Just a few times) and alot changed. It felt different yet the same. (Same fun, different people)
    I left again (lol) and came back like... 2-3 months ago. Now I'm planning on staying (Officially joined the PF community 2-3 weeks ago). I really love plaguefest. I love the community, I love the members and I love the fun we have ingame. (Pls ignore how ghey n cheesy it sounds)
    You guys are awesome.

    My hobbies include babysitting (Worst babysitter ever), Listening to music, Watching Anime (OMG YES) and playing CSS. I'm also a Machinima Director. I've made like... One Halo 3 machinima and currently working on a series. I'm also interested in making css shorts which is based on the shenanigans I've had or seen in css.
    So... yeah! That's it. Have a good day lol. <3
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    • Apr 12, 2015
      [IMG] ; o ; !
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      • Feb 8, 2013
        Gayest introduction I've seen.
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        • May 31, 2012
          Babysitting?! We'll have to keep that in mind for @Tony The Tiger, since @Secprotocol is continuously implying that he (Tony) has children :razz:. Not sure if the Canadian thing is alright but I suppose we'll try to get by; there might be too many Canadians here :wink:.

          Welcome, again, to the community. Sometimes we stray away from the game, but sticking around on the forums is not hard to do and it'll be great to have you around.
        • Mar 26, 2015
          I agree. Whoever made this introduction should just get a life.
        • Apr 12, 2015
          Have my life instead,S-Senpai >/////<
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          • Apr 13, 2015