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Random reboots?

Discussion in Technical Support started by Grape, Apr 29, 2015

  1. Oct 24, 2013
    I think I've possibly resolved a potentially very costly issue that could save you knuckle draggers some cash.

    So I encountered very random and increasingly more frequent problems of my system rebooting...

    I kept watching the LED's on my mobo to decrypt its wise codes and they gave me errors about my CPU and RAM.

    I checked out each part and they were both fine.
    I redid windows completely, still nothing.
    I replaced my mobo and still I had this problem.
    I even replaced my mouse and keyboard because I had a suspicion I was getting a short through a bad contact on a USB piece of hardware.
    I still had all of these problems.
    Before I did all of this I even redid the bios about 5 times, every way you can think of.
    After dropping $250 on a new mobo and redoing the bios on that thing and still having the problem.
    Luckily I had bought this very nice board with a nice error code display.
    I watched the LED display numbers and letters read off like 10-20 codes in a split second which were too hard to catch all at the same time.
    When I looked these up they didn't seem to give any clue except that they were just normal early post numbers.
    So I googled random reboots and lots of error codes to find it was my case.
    Apparently one of the case's front features went crazy if not all of them.
    To remedy the problem I simply unplugged my front USB, front power, reset, etc. lines, and my front hdaudio cable from the motherboard.
    This has seemed to solve the problem as I haven't rebooted once in the past 30 minutes.
    It required a complete system shutoff via the onboard power board on my mobo but it has seemed to fix all of the problems.
  2. Apr 9, 2007
    Sounds like a short with something on your case. You can reproduce a similar effect with a paper-clip and a usb port.
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    • Oct 24, 2013
      After removing the front panel USB, SATA, and Power/Reset pin connectors from my MOBO, I was able to maintain a fairly stable system till it did it again.
      I forgot I had the fans still connected and removed them from the PSU because I have a Phantom case that has sliding fan controls on it as well.
      After I disconnected that I have found my system works great. I knew it wasn't any of my components even though I hadn't tested the PSU cables because I was lazy.
      All of the parts were way too new to be giving me problems. The only old'ish part on it is my h100 I've been running for 3-4 years with no problems.

      So lesson learned if you're having random reboots, with your error LEDs going crazy on every component, start with your mobo and case, because you most likely have a shorted wire/contact somewhere.

      I forgot to mention I had a Samsung 840 series SSD die on me a little while ago after only a year or few months, which tells me I probably killed it from this. My other newer pro-version had problems occasionally.
      They are very sensitive to any kind of interference.
      Grape, Apr 30, 2015 Last edited by Grape, Apr 30, 2015
    • Jun 11, 2012

      840 Evo had a firmware update last month or so to fix performance issues. See if it helps
    • Oct 24, 2013
      I think what is happening is a voltage drop on the DRAM.

      Had the issue again after I tried to plug in the fans directly to the board.......

      I just OC'd the card a little and it seems to be behaving stable again.

      I haven't ruled out the possibility you're all hacking me.
    • Oct 24, 2013
      I have been running stable so far for about a half day with no errors yet.

      I installed the samsung magician software and optimized my system to it which probably helped. The codes on my LED display showed a lot of normal functions scrolling through over and over when it would reboot.

      I probably had a short that interfered with the SSD and damaged some of the post or bios.