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Discussion in Introductions started by TrainedSquirrel, Nov 3, 2012

  1. Jul 8, 2011
    Well....Im back...I survived....and now....im tried as hell....haha

    I just Graduated from RTC (Recruit Training Command) Great Lakes IL.
    Im now here at my "A" school across the street. For another 2 months.......Yay.....

    Anyway, It wasnt that bad. Basic was easy and i did everything excellent (or atlest to the best of my ability).
    Just wanted to pop in and say hi to all my Peeps before School starts.
    Talk to ya soon!
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    • Aug 18, 2006
      Hi! Welcome back. Glad you made it.
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      • Jul 8, 2011
        Glad to be back brother! Back as a US Sailor! HOOOYAA
      • Mar 26, 2011
        Welcome back Squirrel!!!:smile:
      • Mar 10, 2012
        Hi Squirrel Whalecum Back,E Enjoy Your Stay....But Gotta RE-PURCHASE admin xD
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        • May 15, 2011
          I love me some squirlly in the mornin'.
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          • Oct 17, 2011
            You're da man squirrel. Glad to have a pro player back.
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            • Jan 11, 2012
              Welcome back squirrel :clap:
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              • Jul 8, 2012
                welcome back!
              • Nov 6, 2011
                who are you again