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Discussion in Introductions started by AkaDemikz, Jan 20, 2012

  1. Sep 22, 2010
    To all my fellow Plaguefest players as well as admins.
    When I first started here with an introduction, there was only one person who greeted me (with the exception of admin). Oddly enough it was someone we banned (Iceez).

    Most of you, if not all, already know who I am and what I do. Whether it be for you or your fellow admins, you know I am around to answer questions or help out during my free time. What made me come here in the first place? Because I was escaping reality like a jackass. That caused me more problems with school than I thought. when I came here, I didn't think much about being admin. Just thought "hey I can do this too, it'll be a neat experience". Made some awesome friends here and made a place for myself as well.

    Point of the story? I am effectively resigning my position as admin on February 1st. Reason being, I need to focus on school again, I need to get back out there and become a champ. Make no mistake people, I'm not leaving the community, I'm just quitting admin. I have already made the request to be set back to member as soon as the day comes. I've had my fun, now to move back up in the world.
  2. Jun 17, 2011
    We shall surely miss you and your admining <3 [IMG]
    you were always a great person and an amazing trainer [IMG]
  3. Apr 2, 2011
    It was fun Aka. You were an awesome trainer, and I shall miss all the fun we had with you as an LSA... until next time, Cheers! :thumbsup:
  4. Feb 18, 2011

    Good luck irl, we should still play battlefield when you have chances.
  5. Aug 1, 2011
    Awww Aka, sorry to see you leave admin-hood.. Still hope to see you around though, so its not all bad :razz:
  6. Dec 7, 2010
    No!!!!! I'm shocked and speechless.
  7. Mar 7, 2009
    /sobs :frown:
  8. Mar 12, 2008
    Dibs on his LSA!

    I'll miss you, and once i get a car, believe you me, I will troll down to your shop and get 6 dozen donuts.

    mark my words.
  9. Jul 8, 2010
    If you ever want to be a champ, just play league of legends. You can be plenty of champs!
  10. Nov 2, 2011
    Thanks for all your hard work for this community, it made me feel sad that i didn't learn about this place sooner and maybe i got to know you more. But hey at least you are not quitting completely. Come back soon when school is settled. :thumbsup:
  11. Oct 22, 2011
    Take care mate. i wish i stopped playing games when im studying at school. u made a good move!
  12. Sep 25, 2010
    I'm glad for you. Take care and good luck on your journey!
  13. Dec 7, 2010
    On a second read, I understand your decision and enjoy your real world journey!
  14. Jan 12, 2011
    While you aren't leaving completely, we're still going to miss seeing you around as an admin. Even before you were an admin, I've gotta say I had respect for you, and I still do (obviously). You're a great guy to talk to and your influence training others well has made its mark. :smile:

    It couldn't have been an easy decision, but you are setting your own priorities. I wish you well and hope to see you online when you have time.

    Also, don't feel obligated to still have to do ALL the redstone wizardry on MC. I'm learning it, and I may be able to lay some circuits for the Hub down sometime soon. Come and go as you wish, but don't feel like I'm holding you back from doing something better with your time. :thumbsup:
  15. Oct 8, 2009
    oh noes demikz! well, we'll miss having you as admin
  16. Jun 10, 2011
    I love you :frown: <3
  17. May 27, 2008
    I wish I could muster up just an ounce of the motivation that you pour out with every sentence you make with ease.

    You're a born leader Tran. I'm very honored to see you join and see your departure. You will be a big loss for Plague Fests' admin team, but your influence on those left here after your training them will be here to stay. I wish you good luck on your future endeavours. Most importantly, do exactly what needs to be done and don't worry about us. We'll be fine.

  18. Aug 5, 2010
    I hope you come back as soon as possible. You will be missed and good luck in school. :thumbsup:
  19. Sep 21, 2008
    Sorry to see you step down, but it's a good thing you're keeping school a priority.