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Real basic zombie escape map tutorial?

Discussion in Mapping Discussion started by Chris Jenkins, Mar 2, 2013

  1. Jan 14, 2013
    Hey everyone I tried searching for a tutorial on how to make a basic ze map

    Mainly I'm looking how to set up the zombies and also some basic triggers at stand points

    Can anyone direct me to something like this? thanks! (Im just beginning at mapping and have been looking at the tophat tutorials
  2. Oct 17, 2011
    A good tutorial for you is to start playing a lot on ze and get some basic ideas of hold spots and The gameplay. Otherwise, your map will never come out good. Also, add mappers to help you with triggers and your map ifyou're still a beginner. You can add me "mariosoury" on steam. I'm not a professional but I'll be able to help.
  3. Jun 18, 2012
    I'd go with first doing the ''normal'' mapping tutorials and triggers. IMO a map like assualt or dust is exactly the same from any ze map, only the layout is different.

    A tutorial i took and feel is a good one: https://sites.google.com/site/renshdtutorials/home/general-hammer/beginner It's got begginer and some advanced tutorials and after it you can pretty much do the basics of mapping youreself.

    Edit: Yes like mario said don't make retarded holds or shitty solo stuff or w/e. Understand the concept of ZE and think whenever you do something.
  4. May 31, 2012
    Zombie Escape maps are normal maps with a trigger_hurt that gets enabled in the end (the nuke). You don't need to 'add zombies', the server manages that via plugin (ZombieReloaded). As for learning, you shouldn't begin, in my opinion, with a ZE map. Instead, try messing with the editor first, getting accustomed to the different tools, try things, improve your skills slowly in terms of design (to make maps look coherent in size and decent looking should be your first aim by now). After that, you could try to go for a first map, but still I recommend you to try something simpler than a ZE, like ZM, or MG (both modes in which you can add some complicated things if you wish, so you can use them as a training).

    If you have any doubt at any point either post here or, as Mario said, add some mapper(s).
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    • Nov 11, 2011

      The most valuable advice a mapper can give to someone who's just starting out. Start off with easier modes such as ZM/MG and get good at that, learn the functions, learn the different types of entities available, how you can manipulate them using I/O's. Once you get a hang of this, ZE will come second hand (although the work load will increase over sextuple times). In a nut shell, ZM/ZE/MG all use the same brushes, same entities/functions, same concepts, but the only real difference is the constant manipulation of the triggers. You might not understand this now, but little by little you will understand what I'm trying to say. Also, feel free to add any mappers and I'm sure they'll be glad to help (Edit: Just not me because I'm what they call an emo person).
    • Feb 12, 2012
      Agreed. My first maps were for the Garry's Mod game Trouble in Terrorist Town. That taught me level design, lighting, sound, and tons of "under-the-hood" things for a Source map. Only after that did I feel comfortable enough to do ZE maps. And i'm still learning!
    • Jan 13, 2013
      Basic things you'll need to know, Include but are not limited to

      -Entities (Models, spawn points, etc.)
      -Math_* (* meaning all the math entites)
      -Logic_* (same as above but with logic entities)
      -Zombie Reloaded Commands (Spawning zombies ratio etc)
      -Server commands (depending on what you want)

      Of course, you need to know how to make generic maps, as well as commands and hotkeys for testing purposes (sv_turbophysics 1 for better prop to player physics)

      Click Here For A Guy Who Does A Lot Of Hammer Tutorials
    • Jan 14, 2013
      Ok thanks for the advice everyone!
    • Apr 9, 2012
      I started with ZE head on, which was as I see it now a bad thing in my opinion. I turns out that at this moment I have yet no succesful ZE maps released so far. As most people said, start easier with ZM or MG (ZM would be easier than MG though). I have created other normal maps before starting again with ZE, such as DE or CS maps, and it learns you a whole lot more in terms of level design and structure than ZE does. I'm at this moment again mapping for a contest (Defusal), and it learns me again so much more than it did with my ZE projects.

      At this moment it evens learns me that more things that I am about to change several things in my current projects that will hopefully make a considerable change.

      However, the best way would be adding mappers (not specifically ZE mappers but if you do ZE, ofc add those ones) and ask them all sort of questions on how to do things, or ask them for resources/tutorials.
      You can better learn and read a whole lot things beforehand so you won't stumble across so many problems that Source has, but it depends on the way you really want to start SDK on.

      That's all I could tell on this part.

      If you're ever interested or would need it: http://www.sourcesdkmodels.com/
      Also: http://z15.invisionfree.com/Kaemon/index.php?s=bb3673bad6cf5ffb166508f38e58b189&showforum=1 (By @Kaemon )
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    • Jan 14, 2013
      Ok thanks! Im going to just get going with a real simple ZM map, Ive been learning some entities but Im not sure how to make the spawns for ZM specifically. Do I only need a single terrorist spawn for zombies? Does the server randomly pick the ZM ? If anyone knows a tutorial on the spawn points for ZM I would appreciate it . Or even a vmf of a basic ZM map. Thanks!

      edit, also thanks for the great tutorials already posted
    • Sep 25, 2010
      Zombies are terrorists. You'll need around 32 t and 32 ct spawn points for most servers.
    • Jan 14, 2013
    • Jan 11, 2011
      Just to clarify, zombies DON'T spawn on Terrorist spawns, they can spawn in any player (T or CT) spawn. But AFTER they have spawned, they are considered terrorist, in case you have to add something that affects only Humans or Zombies, if you do so, try to avoid having those very early in the map or could be triggered for humans that are still on the terrorist team (before the first zombie spawn).
    • Jan 14, 2013
      Thanks for the advice