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Recording Help

Discussion in Everything & Anything started by Jenna the Gamer, Dec 3, 2013

  1. Mar 26, 2011
    Okay, Hi my name is Jenna, blah blah, and I need help, maybe, with recording, I use fraps, 29.97.
    I use Sony Vegas Pro 12, I use the rendering settings of Internet 1080p because why would I want to make my own Render preset or whatever I am to lazy for that, and dumb, I mean like this is just a test video no point really and I don't know about the quality, so if you guys notice anything wrong here please let me know and if you know the fix. I see this as everything and anything so if otherwise feel free to move it lol.
  2. Nov 28, 2013
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    • Apr 9, 2012
      Well well well... Looks like I will be able to help you out. I too use FRAPS at 29.97 with full resolution and for sound I have my own soundcard that I use.

      Sound is not a problem so that's ok, but when I watched it in 1080p your video looked extremely pixelated. This either suggests you are using a very bad default compressor encoder or you are recording at half the resolution and then are compressing at 1080p, thus stretching twice the size of the original video, which is something you shouldn't do. You are losing quality if you upscale a 720p video to 1080p while you would have better quality keeping it 720p at start.

      Anyways, if you are new to encoders and stuff, I suggest you download the Mega K-lite Codec pack and install it. Make sure to unclick other 3rd party programs on the way as they are generally unwanted.
      From there on, it's actually very hard to tell what settings you are gonna have to use. I personally prefer Xvid to compress, and depending on how powerful your PC is you can take high-quality compression to mid or low-quality... However, on Youtube I suggest you to upload high-quality compressions only, because Youtube already re-encodes uploaded videos, and will downgrade quality.

      So, to keep it short, you need to compress your uncompressed videos to a high-quality compressed format so that when you upload the videos, the quality will remain very high despite youtube's re-encoding process. This has always been my interpretation of video encoding versus Youtube and it works, so I assume my method works. I even compress my videos at a higher quality than Youtube can actually accept, so when it will encode I'm sure that I will provide the highest quality Youtube has to offer.

      xVid is amazing in terms of compression, but lacks decent explanation on many features in the settings and it took me ages to understand all of them, also a lot of research is needed to understand all the little options that you can tick etc... There are also stock options available but those are horrible and never can catch the result of handmade-changes.

      You can also use DivX, exactly the opposite of xVid, DivX is more commercially and has worse option, while xVid is an openGL project created to enhance Divx. You can use either, but as I said I prefer xVid. The one problem with these encoders is only that red colors are getting a bit 'bleeded' in the videos, in other words it loses quality at red pixels and when exponentially available in the video, it will become very noticeable, but generally this almost never happens.

      There are tons of other encoders, and many of them will work or not depending on your PC etc... I really can't give you one specific direction. xVid at highest settings with custom changes takes up to 20mins for my computer to calculate and render a video of around 5mins, at 1080p full resolution recorded with FRAPS. It will also end up with around 500mb-1gb per 5mins.

      I hope all this information helped a bit. I have actually Sony Vegas Pro 8.0 and I'm still happy with it. Perhaps 12 already has newer encoders that are better, easier and faster to use. You should try and fiddle with all of them until you are very satisfied of one certain option. I do however recommend that once you have one method of rendering, that you keep it. You can literally achieve other results (bad colors, different RGB etc) with other compression formats, but people like consistency across one channel when watching a playlist for example, and when some videos are different versus others people will notice this. And sometimes people don't like that.

      Good luck on your way to learn encoding videos, and if there's more you want to know feel free to ask.
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      FYI, CoriZID method only works if you are not using Sony Vegas or whatever to edit your videos first (with intro and/or outro), but certainly don't compress your files when using a program like Sony Vegas as you will compress a compressed file, losing all of the quality. I suggest if you want to take video editting seriously to use a short intro and optionally an outro. This already makes it look 100% better and signatures your videos on your channel. So, if you are using Sony Vegas after all, use the uncompressed FRAPS files and compress once the video is completely set up.
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      • Mar 26, 2011

        Thank you for the very informative answer, I will download the programs suggested do some online looking and information searching and I will soon upload another clip and tag you in it if you don't mind and tell me how that is working out in my favor and I want to be able to type long paragraphs as your self but I am one to keep it short and sweet d: I do highly appreciate you helping me out and I will show you what a learner I can be d:
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        Thank you for your help as well CoriZID being newer to the community and such, nice to meet you.
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        • Jun 11, 2012
          If you aren't adding anything to the raw avi you recorded with Fraps, then there is no reason for you to be using manipulative things. Handbrake is best for packaging the vid without dropping any quality. Since we are moving to a standard of mp4/mkv and it's easier to use and show mp4/mkv in a stream or local. Use Handbrake. drag and drop your vid, don't touch any settings, and put the Destination path to where you will like. It should finish pretty quick where a 22GB 10 min raw avi will be packaged to a >500MB file.


          Super easy and the best tool you can use.
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          • Jul 8, 2012
          • Dec 8, 2013
            AppGeeker video converter is another great tool can compress videos and render to other file format you like.

          • Oct 8, 2013
            Well, well, well, what do we have here? Hey there, cute girl. Jk, I have a girlfriend. And I'm not that creepy XD But to be serious, I'm having a lot of the same recording/editing/uploading troubles that you're having, I'm new to the whole video world. Any tips on what is recommended will help.
            I use Sony Vegas Pro 12, and FRAPS. Also I have a maxed out Alienware m17x R4 so performance limitations isn't really an issue here.

            But when I record with FRAPS at 30 FPS or even 60 FPS, my bhopping gets very difficult and glitchy. Fixes?