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Removing Spec/increasing AFK timer

Discussion in Counter-Strike: Source started by Gonepostal3000, Nov 1, 2011

  1. Jul 24, 2011
    Why even consider this idea? Well first off all, there's been plenty of times that I've gotten myself into a really good hiding spot, no one knows where I am. I decide to alt tab for a minute or maybe I run into the kitchen and make a quick snack. I come back up(the round is still not over) but now i'm in spec because I didnt move my character fast enough.

    Increase the AFK timer to 4 minutes(IIRC that's one entire round) before you're moved to spectate.

    I was going to add "lock spectate so that ppl cant reconnect to ghost where ppl are hiding" but that's at the bottom of my list of ideas :razz:
  2. Jun 4, 2006
    Sounds to me like you need to master the art of making a very quick snack, for your quick snacks are not quite quick enough.

    Kyle did the AFK plugin so this one's for him. No idea what its timings are or what have you.
  3. Feb 1, 2011
    I'd have to agree with this to some extent. I do believe the AFK timer is too short at the moment, but 4 minutes sounds a little bit long to me. Often I just gotta get up to take a piss or something and I'm already in spec when I get back.
  4. Jul 24, 2011

    Indeed...my snack making skills are horrible. xD
  5. Mar 16, 2008
    The timer has to be able to kick in, round end cancels any time going against someone so it has to be less than the round time. It also has to be short enough for if they get zombiefied and shot somewhere out of sight, they are still able to be moved to spec and not just sit there round after round. Not sure how we can really improve this.
  6. Mar 26, 2011
    AFK Plugin was good because I can't go to spec when even admin was on. =/
  7. Dec 7, 2010
    At times I would like to see the auto-AFK timer increased. From my observations I believe the current timer is about 1 minute but I believe it should not exceed 2 otherwise it would be ridiculous. As for removing spec, I don't know if that can be done programmatically. Even if it could be done, it would impact the admins ability to do their job so I doubt it would be implemented.
  8. Apr 9, 2007
    To clarify, your issue with the AFK Manager is you hide somewhere, then actually go AFK and it moves you?

    Is there an issue here?
  9. Aug 1, 2011
    For me, I usually plan my breaks around rounds. I finish a round, then go into spectator, come back after finishing a smoke or whatever and start playing. It does get a bit annoying when in a open hiding spot and minimal movement is critical to survival, but there is plenty of warnings, and doesn't take much for it to go away.

    I'm just glad its not the afk mover thats based on locations, those ones suck.
  10. Apr 29, 2011
    I honestly just stared at this answer for about a minute, amazed at the sheer simplicity of it.
  11. Mar 12, 2008
    You too?
  12. May 27, 2008
    I never had a problem with AFK Manager because I know how to move around every 5 seconds when I'm hiding.
  13. Jan 11, 2011
    It's just pick your snack before you start playing. :wink:
  14. Jul 28, 2011
    Problem solved.
  15. Feb 18, 2011
    Personally I think it works great. I can take a piss or get some goldfish then come back and still be playing.
  16. Sep 6, 2010
    Well, you gotta learn how to take a piss quickly and then come back :thumbsup:
  17. Nov 14, 2010
    I've had an issue with AFK manager...
    I was hiding in a awesome spot in zombie mod.

    I was not AFK, but because I did not move my mouse, or type something, it figured I was AFK.

    So in conclusion... I was moved to spectate, and furious because the spot I was in is really difficult for me to get to, and I had finally go to it, only to be moved to spec.
  18. Apr 9, 2007
    How do you suggest this be resolved?

    If you moved your mouse a pixel (the precision is actually way more then this), you would not have been moved to spectate.