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Not Abuse Reporting xiRaiN for kicking because i had first nomination

Discussion in Admin Abuse started by Arden, Nov 19, 2012

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  1. May 6, 2012
    48. xiRaiN- xiRaiN- res, admin, kick, ban, chat, custom(1)
    On the map Paranoid on the Trigger madness kicked me for reason <bhop>
    I have NEVER bhopped of my entire life, nobody EVER saw me bhop
    It was the first round on paranoid and within the first 10 seconds.

    I went inside the speed boost after the level selection, I jumped like everyone inside the speed boost (no bhop, no curving just jump). When I arrived on other side, like all other human I got a boost on landing.

    I walk backward to go in blue portal to appear on other side.
    I climb the ladder and get inverted control, then 4s later I get kicked for bhop?

    Now I am not reporting xiRaiN for this, but I am reporting xiRaiN for constantly hating me and abusing me.
    He hate me ever since I reported him on the map Sorrento.
    He had no ground on kicked me out, I never even got 1 warning not to bhop of MY ENTIRE life.

    Rules clearly state Warning, Kick, Ban
    I never got a warning because I did something that closely resemble a bhop and he was clearly abusing to kick me so I loose my nomination as it happened right after everyone added their nomination.

    Now I am quite pissed as it really not fun to play and getting randomly kicked for no reason.
    The kick didnt follow any standard for abusing and was excessive.
    Not only that, but the trigger madness doesn't help to have random air acceleration and the spot I had air acceleration, I ran backward to go back in the blue portal so it didn't even helped me.

    I know what bhop is, and I personally do not merit to get those random kick for accidental game acceleration that aren't even voluntary, I do wish he has a demo of it which would just show you that he shouldn't be allowed to have admin.
    Not sure if he had a bad day or anything, but he had no reason to do such a thing.
  2. Oct 9, 2012
    In the white tunnel you go through at the beginning of the map where it speed boosts you I watching you bhop. You know the rules, call it what ever you want 'admin abuse' but you bhopped and as you stated "Rules clearly state Warning, Kick, Ban" you know the rules and I am tired of telling the same people everyday not to bhop so thats why I kicked you hoping you and the others would get the message as everyone has had plently of warnings in the past.
  3. Jun 15, 2012
    i just want to say that nedra is not a regular bhopper at all on ze and i feel IF he did bhop, which i highly doubt, he should deserve a warning. the nomination spot is also highly coveted on ze lol. also the boost he is referring to is not a bhop, just that humans keep 1000+ momentum after exiting a teleporter
    Post Merged, Nov 19, 2012
    also, the tunnel you refer, its usually faster to not bhop, but rather crouch jump properly unless you are green - so usually there is no reason to bhop it
    MZez, Nov 19, 2012 Last edited by MZez, Nov 19, 2012
  4. Oct 9, 2012
    I didn't know about him having a nomination spot, I just seen him at the front of the line bhopping, and everyone was givin warnings so he would have been included in those.
  5. MsZimmy
    This message by MsZimmy has been removed from public view. Deleted by Peter, Nov 19, 2012, Reason: what.
    Nov 19, 2012
  6. May 6, 2012
    So I bhopped in the dark tunnel...
    I skipped that part in my explanation as I didn't though it was important, but word for word.
    After nominating resonance map, I typed nominate and was scrolling for map while jumping strait in that tunnel to gain insane speed...
    When i exited the tunnel, i moved backward to go back in the blue portal to appear on other side, climb the ladder, move a few step and got kicked.

    Since you said that I bhop in the tunnel, I will take it that you don't hate me as you didn't <entirely> lie, I did jump and gained speed in the tunnel.
    But honestly, I believe that tunnel is made to jump and the highest you jump, the fastest you get to the other side.
    The air acceleration made in that tunnel was definitely made by the map maker to force people to jump the highest to get on other side the fastest.

    I retract my report against rain for 1 reason, he didn't lie or came up with a made up story.
    But I do raise a small lack of judgment.
    At least if he badly kick or ban people, he doesn't come with a made up story or lie which is a good attribute for admin.
    If he would of created a made up story, I would of been even more pissed, but he seem honest.

    Last question, is jumping in the first dark tunnel of paranoid illegal?
    Pretty sure the air acceleration is abnormal and was created by the map maker.
    Thus the aim to move across that spot the fastest is simply to jump as high as you can?
    Which is giving insane air acceleration? But as far as I know, it part of the map...

    Let me also clarify, I didn't jump before entering the tunnel once or 1 jump as I got into the tunnel.
    I also didn't jump once after exiting the tunnel, except for jumping to take the ladder up.
    Arden, Nov 19, 2012 Last edited by Arden, Nov 19, 2012
  7. Mar 12, 2008
    that one paranoid map where there's a huge dark tunnel and like 5 gated doors?

    I jump in there all the time. It doesn't adversely affect anything as far as i know, unless you start bhopping after it.
  8. Feb 1, 2011
    For what it's worth, I always thought you were supposed to jump in that tunnel as well... when I was first playing the map on pF this is what everyone did, so I took it as part of the map and that was that. I can see, however, how it IS technically bhopping to get an extra oomph out of the force_push there. Tough call IMO!

    Since Arden has retracted his claim anyways, and XiRain obviously didn't abuse since he was just enforcing the rules as he thought he should, I'm gonna go ahead and lock this.
  9. May 6, 2012
    I hope you guy don't start calling that map exploit as each time you will play that map, it will be kicking paradise job as all player jump since it required to jump...
    and that section has air acceleration increase by map maker... thus it not bhopping, but it made to get air acceleration.
    Bhopping is using angle exploit while jumping to gain extra speed and disabling the reduction speed when you land by doing another jump without delay.

    In that tunnel, you jump/stop, but each jump increase your speed and was made as a feature to get people to jump. Hell it the Frog tunnel is what I call, it, all player look like frog, you go slow then you jump and BOOM insane speed forward like a frog jump. You can't reproduce that on bhop, it can't even be compared.

    I can't believe you can even consider that to be a though call dillinger...
    I can see were you are going, but it a map maker choice.

    If a map maker add a boost on ground like in surf, should you kick everyone that walk over it and gain a speed bonus?
    Well if map maker add air acceleration in a spot so those jumping get speed boost, it not an exploit at all.

    The only part that can be confusing is if an admin has no idea about the map at all, and try to moderate all the player, then I must say it a though call as he doesn't know the map. Hell if an admin doesn't know a map, he shouldn't be allowed to moderate the player on that map unless a good portion of the players are asking the admin to do something as there some obvious issue or abuse or delaying. You know, like on paranoid when the selection of the stage happen at the beginning and they bug it and there no selection >.> and everyone ask admin to slay human or zombie so they can restart the round...
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