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Request to be Unbanned

Discussion in Help Desk started by Izanagi (STFU), Apr 21, 2013

  1. Apr 21, 2013
    Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:12328863

    Name: Izanagi (ڱ.T.ƒ.Û)

    Reason to be unbanned:

    I didn't even realize I was banned from your server until I came back to playing CS:S zmod about a year after I quit. Checked out the reason I was banned and it was cause I had joined that fake group of your admins. To be perfectly honest I didn't even know who you guys were until I saw that I couldn't get on a server I decided to hop on just an hour ago. That aside I only joined that group cause a friend added me and there were a few other friends in it as well, I didnt really pay much attention since I had quit the game at the time. Anyway left that group and would appreciate then ban being lifted.

    k thx bai~

    - You guys are pretty serious about keeping up with the bans and such, was looking at some of the other ban repeals. Also the creator of that group, is that the real Hannibal? Ive actually got 2 of them on my friends list and I have no clue if hes the real one but a bunch of people on my list are on both profiles friends. /to much to keep track of when you dont even have cs:s installed
  2. Jul 20, 2010
    The Hannibal that made that group is fake not the real one. Since you've left the group I can unban you give me a moment.

    You have been unbanned be careful about the group invites you get in the future :smile:
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    • Apr 21, 2013
      Thanks, and yea I figured it was a fake once I look at it and saw the name "admin" in the group and server list. Its actually incredibly obvious to but I usually only accept invites if I have friends in them, there were a few of my fellow clan mates in there at 1 time so I just waved it off.

      Was kind of funny, decided to try joining that server a minute ago and realized it didnt insta block me. Talk about a fast turn around on unbans haha. Wish the bank was that fast.
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      • Jul 20, 2010
        No problem
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