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Returning Player.

Discussion in Introductions started by ₴єpнїяотн, Apr 6, 2017

  1. Dec 2, 2013
    Hello, been about 2 years since I played pF. I have been convinced to return to the game in all my glory. (Such as it is) I hope to see you all in game.
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    • Mar 26, 2012
      Welcome back!
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      • Aug 6, 2016
        Hello there, Mr.Sephiroth. If I spelled it right. Welcome back and glad to have you. :grin: It's been a bit. One nice feature I can think of that was added is the new !tracers command. It allows you to see exactly where your bullets are going and helps prevent the fail moments I seem to endure all to often. :frown: Most other things you'll pick up pretty quick and we have some new admin/donator skins worked! So that's pretty awesome. We hope you enjoy your stay.
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        • Mar 26, 2012
          Lots of cool new features, and I think we'll have more soon. Insnukamex inspired me to go over each one that Sephiroth might not be familiar with or around when they came out.


          Pick a color or have tracers off. There was something about only people with tracers on seeing your tracers I think.


          Self Mute

          Instead of waiting for an admin to mute someone, you can mute them for yourself instead. This is useful for when no admin is on as well as if you just find someone annoying who doesn't meet the criteria for an admin to mute.

          !sm name
          To mute

          !su name
          To unmute (after they have been self muted).


          You can be inside of a clan/group within the server called parties. You can teleport to them at the beginning of the round or talk privately among each other.

          !party name
          Either create a party or join a party that already exist with that name. Use @ symbol instead to make sure other people don't know if you don't want them to know.

          !pfly name
          Teleport to a member of your party at the beginning of the round.

          List the members of your party.

          !pchat message
          Send a message to your party. Once again, use @ instead of ! if you don't want people outside of the party to know what you are saying.

          Don't like the party? You can leave!

          Mature Sprays

          We used to discipline for porn sprays, but now we allow porn sprays. By default, people will not see sprays that are labeled mature. Gore and human fluids are still not allowed.

          Make your spray mature. You'll auto go into mature mode seeing other people mature spray. If an admin types this with a name afterward, they'll make that person spray mature, and the person can't undo it themselves.

          See whether you are in mature mode or not.

          Toggle on/off mature mode.

          Permanent Bans

          We also prefer to do 1 year ban instead of permanent bans now. Permanent bans are reserved for really bad players.
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            Emily, Apr 6, 2017 Last edited by Emily, Apr 6, 2017
          • Dec 2, 2013
            Thanks guys, considering getting Donator until I am eligible or even liked enough for Admin again.