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Resolved Richard420[pF]StarStreak admin abuse

Discussion in Admin Abuse started by lucid, Jul 7, 2012

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  1. Mar 25, 2012
    this is in the minigames server. we were playing on the bad version of ski mountain and a map vote came up. at this point everyone were shouting numbers of maps. you could hear like people shouting "oneoneoneoneone" or "twotwotwotwo" really loudly and repetitively because that way they influence the undecided voters in the map vote.

    and there were people shouting numbers to pick during the map vote (it pretty much happens in all maps were there is a lot of people), and i wanted to voice my opinion. so i TYPED my suggestion. this is exactly what i said before i got muted.

    *Dead* Codeman: synergy has a stinky butthole
    *Dead* LuciD: 2222222222
    *Dead* Richard420[pF]StarStreak: 2'
    *Dead* LuciD: 222222222222222222222222222222222222222
    Coffey: 7
    *Dead* twostep twostep: ahh fuck
    *Dead* Jessica Rose: goldeneye
    Nil Locu? died.
    Ronjon =pF= killed Maj. Awesome with ak47.
    [SourceMod] Richard420[pF]StarStreak: Gagged LuciD.
    twostep twostep: i keep forgetting to change my nomination
    BIGPUN216_C-TOWN connected.
    [SourceMod] Map voting has finished. The next map will be mg_WarmCup_Headshot. (Received 50% of 22 votes)
    (Admin) Richard420[pF]StarStreak: Do not spam the mic or chat
    EvilBlueBananas(music) killed =pF= Cypher with m4a1.

    why did this deserve a gag? i just typed 2 lines. i do this in pretty much every map and i have never gotten shit from it from any admin in any server. plus the admin is suppose to warm first, then gag. he did NOT give me any warnings prior to this, nor have i been warned in the past. now at this point i didn't even know i was gagged, i thought it wasn't working or some problem on my end. i tried typing @ at teamchat to talk to admins, but all i got was this symbol " instead of a @. this was my fault for fucking having a windows 7 and some retarded program that likes to torment me, but i couldn't use the @@. so then i rejoined (after playing 3 full rounds) to see if i was gaged. then when i rejoined this happened:

    ConVarRef sb_close_browser_on_connect doesn't point to an existing ConVar
    Redownloading all lightmaps
    [SourceMod] Time remaining for map: 0:06
    *Dead* Coffey: timeleft
    [SourceMod] Time remaining for map: 0:06
    *Dead* LuciD: test
    *Dead* Hircock-905_hXc: rtv
    =pF= Cypher died.
    Jessica Rose killed |Awesome Clan Name| Tweak with ak47.
    LuciD: admins was i gagedÉ
    [!servers] Zombie Mod - zm_impossibru_hideout_v1 (46/64)
    synergy: jessica i give you cookie to join t
     Join our Steam Group at steamcommunity.com/groups/PlagueFest
    Disconnect: Dont gag evade..
    Disconnect: Dont gag evade..

    Unknown command "drop"
    Connecting to

    as you can see, i tried using the ?, but it gave me the fucking spanish keys and I got this thing ÉÉÉÉÉÉ. but the fucking guy kicked me before even answering my question. so then what i did was i just alt tabbed and copy and pasted a @@ sign to talk to the admin chat. this is the chat that came after i was kicked and just rejoined and muted:

    Codeman killed Kemigawa with m4a1.
    [SourceMod] Richard420[pF]StarStreak: Gagged LuciD.
    [SourceMod] This is the last round!!
    *Dead* IIArtsy Jello: timeleft
    hmcalbo died.
    [SourceMod] Next Map: mg_WarmCup_Headshot
    *Dead* IIArtsy Jello: nextmap
    Apex killed Codeman with scout.
     Any sort of discrimination will result in your removal from the server.
    *Dead* Codeman: wow
    Microshock [SkyFall007] died.
    Jessica Rose killed BIGPUN216_C-TOWN with m4a1.
    *Dead* Codeman: ns
    IIArtsy Jello has Disconnected (0:1:19998141) from United States.
    (To Admin Only) LuciD: @ test
    *Dead* Codeman: I can't belive I missed so much
    *Dead* Ronjon =pF=: we homies jess right
    synergy killed Nil Locu? with m4a1.
    *Dead* Ronjon =pF=: haha
    (To Admin Only) LuciD: wtf why was i gaged
    Hircock-905_hXc killed <PwT> | Mr.Foster xdd with aug.
    Jessica Rose: of course
    synergy: no jessica the cookies are not moldy
    *Dead* Ronjon =pF=: um no
    Nil Locu? has Disconnected (0:0:12778279) from United States.
    *Dead* Ronjon =pF=: were just freinds
    (Admin) Richard420[pF]StarStreak: Dont abuse the admin chat or you will be banned. LUCID.
    »Ðarkness« killed Coffey with ak47.
     Is something wrong with the server? Please inform us at PlagueFest.com
    *Dead* Codeman: maybe we share common STDs
    *Dead* Ronjon =pF=: really
    *Dead* Ronjon =pF=: is that right
    Hircock-905_hXc killed Jessica Rose with aug.
    *Dead* Ronjon =pF=: i didnt notice
    (To Admin Only) LuciD: i dont even know WHY i was gagged, exuse me
    »Ðarkness« died.
    *Dead* »Ðarkness«: LOL
    (Admin) Richard420[pF]StarStreak: Spamming 2
    hunter[★H3RØ★] died.
    »Ðarkness« has Disconnected (0:0:51449590) from United States.
    |Awesome Clan Name| Tweak has Disconnected (0:1:11123670) from United States.
    *Dead* Richard420[pF]StarStreak: thats why lucis.
    *Dead* hmcalbo: the world is going to end
    Red John died.
    Apex died.
    *Dead* Apex: omg
    i just rejoined and i ask why was i gaged and he said "Dont abuse the admin chat or you will be banned. LUCID." wtf how is this abusing admin chat, it was my first post. i didn't know why was i even banned, because you always have to warm the person you're gagging. then he threatens me with the ban.

    not to mention i was gagged for an unreasonable amount of time. i was gagged at the begining of one round, and i played that full round plus 2 more full rounds without being ungagged. and this is just for some shit i do pretty much every game i play. the only reason i rejoined was i thought it was something wrong on my end, because i figured at the time since most gags are so short, if i was gagged it would of been removed already. i see people getting gagged and muted and then unmuted like 10 seconds later all the time.

    *Dead* LuciD: 2222222222
    *Dead* Richard420[pF]StarStreak: 2'
    *Dead* LuciD: 222222222222222222222222222222222222222
  2. Anathema
    This message by Anathema has been removed from public view. Deleted by dillinger, Jul 7, 2012, Reason: not needed but thx 4 ur thoughts? lolz.
    Jul 7, 2012
  3. Dec 2, 2011
    I had warned said player about chat spam over admin chat before.
    When the voting started he spammed2 or 3 msgs containing 22222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222 Or something along those lines I gaged.
    Player evaded , kicked on rejoin with warning Don't Gag evade. When he then rejoined after that i gaged him for evading the orignial gag. Then he started msging me over the admin chat {team chat with @} And I told player not to abuse the admin chat.

    Edit: Funny how he removed my warning in chat. Can someone pull logs plox.
    Post Merged, Jul 7, 2012
    Bull shit or they would have been muted. No one once yelled or screamed there choice in the mic. I dont think anyone even said anything when voting came up.
    Richard420, Jul 7, 2012 Last edited by Richard420, Jul 7, 2012
  4. Jul 4, 2011
    You can do that yourself using the 'Stats' tab. Logs for LuciD; http://stats.plaguefest.com/player_histories/chat/3242
  5. Dec 2, 2011
    xD i Did not know that :grin: Thank you tony. and for that
    Jul 6, 2012 11:58:57 pm 222222222222222222222222222222222222222 MiniGames :: PlagueFest.com - FastDL
    Jul 6, 2012 11:58:55 pm 2222222222
    Post Merged, Jul 7, 2012
    @lucid the only reason you were kicked and regaged is for your evasion of Gag. By that I mean You left to try to remove the Gag I placed on you.
    Post Merged, Jul 7, 2012
    Ill answer these in order #1 You spammed chat. as you saw all you need to type is 2 like i did.
    #2 I would kick anyone who evades a gag. #3 As for the admin chat its for official use not asking why did I get muted. Its a warning not a threat lmao, thats the only chat you were able to type in and I didn't want you misusing that. #4 I was dealing with the Tactical team derps, My bad if you were gaged for 4 or 5 rounds.
  6. Jed
    This message by Jed has been removed from public view. Deleted by JJeezery Dechamp, Jul 7, 2012, Reason: I think he would know this.
    Jul 7, 2012
  7. Jul 14, 2010
    Chat spam includes but is not limited to repeating the same message multiple times, sending long unbroken strings of characters, or chatting nonstop in all caps. All languages are acceptable in chat.

    Honestly Richard I think you went a bit overboard here, 2 lines is hardly chat spam at all. It wasn't even in a manner trying to cause trouble. Maybe if he had kept going 2 more lines then it could be justified but it looks like you jumped the gun early.

    Also, I do not believe you can see what admins say in plaguestats chat.
  8. Dec 2, 2011
    Ok, I apologize @lucid

    Can this be set as resolved or something.

    Is this still pending abuse??
    Richard420, Jul 7, 2012 Last edited by Richard420, Jul 7, 2012
  9. Mar 25, 2012
    uhhhhhh, excuse me?

    can you please show me where you warmed me previously to this? because according to my logs, you gaged first then muted. not to mention you gaged for some shit any other admin wouldn't consider abuse. just 2 lines of "222222222222222". this is not chat spamming because it's relevant to post this during the map vote because it influences other players. plus 2 lines of anything is not chat spam. I even remember any other insistences where i was even told by an admin that i was chat spamming.

    i'd also like to mention that you did the same thing with another player after you gaged me. I dont rememer what this player said, but it was 4 lines, and you gaged his first, then muted. it was in the same game we were playing, the bad version of skii mountain. it's there in the logs im sure.

    you are suppose to warm first then gag. if you gag for 2 lines of relevant posting that is admin abuse.
    I sent you one message in the admin chat to see why i was gagged and you threated to ban me immediately without even reading what i posted. i'd like to make the point here, how is this admin chat abuse? he IMMEDIATELY threatens me to ban me for abusing admin chat when i just asked him one question. he didn't even tell me anything prior to this, he just threatens to ban if i keep talking. what kind of bullshit is this?

    oh yes, please. can someone PLEASE pull up the logs for the that game? i'd love to see the warning you gave me before the gag, and the 3 rounds i played gaged, and other rounds i played when i rejoined and was still gagged.

    #1. well, according to momo i didn't. and i think any competent admin would agree.
    #2. well.... i don't really blame you too much on this.... it was my fault i couldn't use admin chat, but at the same time, you gaged me for nothing. no warning before hand. not to mention the gag was really long for only 2 lines of "222222222" during MAP VOTE. i see people spamming chat all the time and most of them get like a max of one round gaged or muted. like if people sing on the mic usually they are unmuted at the end of the round. you gaged me for 3 full rounds, kicked me when i rejoined, and gaged me again when i rejoined after the kick.
    #3.yeah, as you say, it is for official use, and i was asking you why i was kicked because I WASN'T WARNED BEFOREHAND. and i love how you think this is funny. you said "Its a warning not a threat lmao", but in the game it sure as fuck looked like a threat to me. in the game after i rejoined the first time you said "Dont abuse the admin chat or you will be banned. LUCID."
    lmao this sure as fuck looks like a threat to me lmao lmao lmao
    #4. you did this on purpose, by the way. it's not like you forgot about me or anything. when i rejoined you immediately kicked and then gaged again when i rejoined for the second time. so dont give me some stupid excuses like "oh i was busy with derps!!! XD!!"

    my favorite part about this is that probably nothing will happen to him, he will just say "sorry lol get over it" and it's done. maybe i should become an admin, abuse players and tell them "lmao i was busy with the derp team get over it XD!!", sounds like fun if you ask me
  10. Jan 21, 2011
    @Richard420 Lucid wasn't chat spamming in this case. The gag was unwarranted. Take it easy on the gags/mutes from here on.

    This attitude will not get you very far here lucid.
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