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Rules Improvement

Discussion in Website Feedback & Bugs started by M_Infantry, Sep 5, 2011

  1. May 6, 2011
    One of the things that I observed, more and more frequent is the use of racist/discriminatory language here on our server. Though this isn't really anything new, but for us Admins it is one of the most frequent offense we enforce most harshly (for Admins just check our SourceBans, most bans are for "Discriminatory Languages" these days). I personally think, we should make our rules more clear for the players. Most new players whom come on to our server to play, never really the review the MOTD or read the Rules for our server.

    As this is the screen they first see, when they log onto one of the PF Servers,


    I know the Admins should still enforce the rules, and provide warning for rule breakers. This is definitely something we should still do. But, I think it would be beneficial to re-iterate the rules to people whom are new to our servers. Some of us Admins, LSA/Roots or even frequent players, probably may think what use it could be, as people are just going to break rules anyways. Trouble makers are just going to make trouble. But, I personally think, highly promoting and making the rules more visible would make people more aware we do enforce these rules. Its sort of like driving, what we see all the time are traffic signs for Speed, Stops at Intersection, and etc. But, why do we need them, didn't you learn them already before you started driving? Same idea, keeps reminding people of our rules, by making them more visible and making them more aware of them.

    What I suggest, is doing something like the following picture. Where we post our rules, in short format, and do it in a pop-up message format. That will pop onto peoples screen when they first log-on into the server. Once they join the game, of course they would still pass the MOTD, that means of course they should accept our rules (that is if they read it). This following example, for rules to come up as a pop message, appears on there screen till they hit the right button. For example, we set it on the "*" key or etc. Making them read the message, before they can clear it from there screen. Sure, they may simply just by-pass it without reading it. But, what we are doing is making the rules more visible and aware to all the players and Admins alike.


    I was thinking we use the rule as following (just example, we may still need to re-format it), to be shown onto the pop-up message screen, also to make our discriminatory language rules first thing people see, and much more highlighted.

    1. Do not use any discriminatory speech/slurs/joke.
    2. Do not destroy/ruin barricades.
    3. Do not use any illegal spots (use !illegal)
    4. No blocking/inhibiting another player.
    5. Do not glitch inside walls, soda machines, rocks, or any props while you're a human.
    6. Do not hack or use exploits on the server at any time.
    7. Do not use excessive inappropriate language.
    8. Do not spam the mic or chat.
    9. No Advertising other websites/servers.
    10. No inappropriate sprays.
    11. Do not impersonate any members of the admin staff.
    12. Do not interfere with admins doing their jobs.
    13. Do not use out-of-game methods to avoid getting killed, muted or gagged.
    14. Do not spam grenades
    15. Do not grief

    Please let me know what you all think about this suggestion.
  2. Mar 11, 2011
    like it
    can it be shadowed over the weapons page or reload page hmmm
  3. Mar 16, 2008
    you can only have up to 9 rules that way, we've done it in the past but people still don't read the rules. The motd will be redesigned soon so things should be a little easier.
  4. Apr 15, 2010
    Come on there is regular a message that comes up on the chat box that say, any racist remarks means straight perma ban. If they dont listen to that then I dont think doing anything else will.
  5. Aug 18, 2006
    This. There is a room limitation for listing rules because we're limited to a maximum number of menu options.

    This rule seems a bit... Redundant, considering you can only pick up 3 grenades per round, so you can't spam grenades anyways.
  6. Aug 1, 2011
    One big problem with the motd is that there is a command to disable it from popping up when you log on. As for the menu, I'm sure you've seen the map votes, everyone spams 1 or w/e key it is that closes the menu the quickest. people will always break the rules regardless of if they are made aware of them or not, hence why we have admins, and lots of them.

    The only menu system that I've seen to semi work was one where it was multi-page (9: next page) and at the bottom of the page people had to press the accept or deny number, if someone ignored for to long it or clicked 'deny', the server kicked them stating something like "Refused to accept terms of service to play on server!". Its been a long time since I've seen any server with this, and very few had them when I did.

    Just like locks, rules are meant to keep honest people honest, and if someone wants to break them, which some will, and we'll be there trying to stop them.

    full list of ZM rules with descriptions
  7. Feb 17, 2011
    i say wait till we see what the new MOTD looks like

    but i;ve been on many servers normaly i just press ok on the MOTD coz its all text

    pF's how ever is nicely designed so i think some will look at it. i did
  8. Jun 4, 2006
    yeah the current ones have gotten really messy / outdated over the years. We need to overhaul all the MOTDs real soon.
  9. Mar 16, 2008
    The new motd will be clean looking. A lot of functionality of the current one has left updates after updates since a lot of functions of it are broken now.