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Discussion in Gaming started by dillinger, Feb 7, 2014

  1. Feb 1, 2011
    Anybody playing this? Was playing with Peter and Taters for a few days but I think they've already moved on to greener pastures. I'm still enjoying and I think its worth checking out for 20 bucks.

    The game:

    Kinda like Minecraft, kinda like DayZ.

    You start with nothing but a Rock, 2 Bandages, and a stack of Torches. Your first order of business is to hit some wood and rocks with your own rock to gather enough Wood and Stone to create a Stone Hatchet. Then you need to find a Pig and whack the shit out it for some raw Chicken and Cloth. Next, you're gonna want to make a little Wood Shelter, and maybe even a Wooden Door, in order to survive the night. Inside you can put down a Sleeping Bag (works as a respawn point), a Campfire (uses wood to cook your Chicken), and maybe even a Furnace (turns Metal Ore into Metal Scraps, Sulfur Ore into Sulfur, and Cloth into Leather).

    Once you've got your basic accommodations handled, that's when the fun starts! You can go gathering resources in an attempt to create a larger, more secure base. Or you can head into the towns in search of the ever-coveted Blueprints, Research Kits (these teach you recipes which you can then craft), and other sorts of loot (including guns).

    All the while you must be mindful of other players (who probably want to kill you and fuck up your base) and foaming-at-the-mouth mutated animals that will royally fuck your day up unless you put on your Nike's and get the fuck out or shoot them in the face before they get to you.

    So basically it's a base-building, resource-gathering, town-exploring, PvP, PvE clusterfuck of awesomeness that is whatever you want to make of it. The group of people you play with will have a massive impact on the experience, since the game pretty much plays out the way people approach it.


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    • Feb 3, 2012
      Played a bit of it a few days ago. Really fun and cool. :thumbsup:
    • Feb 24, 2011
      I'm really interested in getting either DayZ or Rust, though i have no idea which one would be better/more popular.
      Both seems to have some major pros/cons right now, and they're only in alpha/beta afaik.

      I think i'll just wait until they've fixed/improved stuff and then i'll judge based on that, along with how many people bought this/that.
      Also.. this!
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      • Feb 1, 2011
        They're both great games. I find RUST to be a more smooth experience at the moment (less gamebreaking bugs), but DayZ wins in areas like map design/scale. They both have massive player bases so you won't have trouble finding populated servers with either of them.
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        • Aug 30, 2012
          I like dayz
        • Jan 21, 2011
          OR you can join a modded deathmatch server type a command, get guns then run around and kill people.
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          • May 30, 2012
            I have couple of friends telling me to get Rust, i like these kind of games alot they are very cool and enjoyable... I have DayZ right now and i am amazed.
          • Mar 12, 2008

            Nah, some key people left ffxiv so I have a few extra responsibilities now as opposed to just being an extra body to show up a couple times a week. I want to get into other games again, I could totally use the break from ffxiv. I just have a couple priorities is all. I plan to be on rust all day tomorrow and sunday since nothing's goin on.
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            • Nov 17, 2012
              They removed Zombies :3
              Should have just put a toggle on them for the Server Owners.
            • Mar 29, 2012
              You kill pigs for chickens? :O
            • Feb 1, 2011

              They replaced them with mutated animals which are a bit harder to kill and yield the same loot

              yeah lol - they haven't added any meats besides chicken yet so all animals yield Raw Chicken

              I probably should have added that this game is in early access Alpha, similar to DayZ
            • Jun 11, 2012
              For the amount of time I've played this game all I've done is cackle laughter for 5 hours on ridiculous hilarious it gets at time. The vid that Luff posted is couple of thing to expect. I never thought I would get into the whole building a building type of gameplay which is why I never played Minecraft, but Rust brings something really nice to the table.

              Also floppy dingdongs
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