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Saint Row IV, The wacky adventures of Nicolas Cage

Discussion in Gaming started by Bender Rodriguez, Aug 28, 2013

  1. Jun 11, 2012
    Hello Plebeians, it's me again, your glorious leader, Nicholas Cage.


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    So it's no surprise that I've been fanboyism on Saint Row IV for the past week (well since it's release). I just finished it and feeling the regular emotions I get after finishing a game that I heavily invested in it or commonly known as The Five Stages of Grief. The worse one that hit me hard was The Walking Dead where it took me a couple of days to go back to games because it set a new standard and made me feel sad that it ended.

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    When I played Saint Row The Third I found the experience to be at most fun and enjoyable for senseless stuff with a story that is at most good. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the hell out of it but felt something was missing. When I played Saint Row IV I am left sad, really sad, like crying sad. Why? Because when the credits rolled I didn't wanted to, never wanted to, wanted the game to continue as long I'm satisfied. I did everything, explored everywhere, did all the side-missions, and completed all the loyalty missions. I met all the characters in the game and interacted with all of them and without hesitation did whatever missions they requested of me. I really became invested in this game after the first 30 minutes and just wanted to continue dreading the lead up to the final mission. The moment I got a side-mission I would rush and do it and forget the main quest because I didn't wanted to leave yet. The game also incorporates choices, not much, but enough to make your experience differ from others. From Loyalty Missions to Side-Missions that can influence the outcome of the game or how your character behaves, you can rest assured that you will know it may make a dent of difference doing them.

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    This game redefines the definition of open world sandbox. Not only does it incorporates story in things that don't require a story but still ties it to the main storyline. Sometimes I would do certain activity that later might be asked of you to do in side-mission. Never before have I played an open world sandbox game where I felt the need to do all the crap that you usually would trash. But really puts the cherry on the top is not only the story but the superpowers. Oh My Gawd the SUPERPOWERS!!11!!oneone!!1. Running extremely fast, jumping 10 floors up, flying and gliding, I had super awesome fun time. I kinda feel bad for the developers who worked on the car mechanics, I used it less than the superpowers but when I had expandable money I customize a super awesome car and drove the hell out it, same goes for the planes.

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    From the multitude of trailers, most will get the gist of what the game is. What if I were to tell you that there is more that meet the eyes. Gameplay mechanics is extremely dynamic. How? Volition cherry picked the best of mechanics for the game. I am biting my tongue to reveal to you all the different gameplay mechanics but won't, it was a nice surprise for me and you should be bedazzled by it. (See past the spoiler line to see what I iz talking aboot). Certain things left me in awe, at one point I kept replaying this 1 mission because of fun it was. Other things that I can freely say that are from The Third are: Robot Mayhem (destroy everything you can with a Robotic Suit), Tank Mayhem (same as Robot Mayhem but with a super alien tank), Chrome Void (A SUPER FUN PLANE), Blazin (Run with with super speed running superpower and hit orbs where each orbs freezes the elapsed time) and of course...Fraud (play in traffic in a ragdoll effect, get hit...a lot...like A LOT) but I think I broke something (after consulting with someone, it's fine)

    via http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zL-9iW_CLFE

    Saint Row IV is known for comedy and ridiculous over the top super quadrapong silliness. You won't be disappointed, never, every second something happens. Imagine how bonkers and ridiculous Saints Row The Third was, imagine crazier, more bonkier, more ridiculous. Hilariously written and consistently well done.

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    If I could give a rating between 0 oranges to 10 bananas, I would give this game 100 out of 10 Nutella. Though I am kinda saddened that Saints Row IV spoiled the open sandbox world for me and that GTA V might not be what I want to be, because I want GTA V to be Saints Row IV but with a bigger map and more radio stations. I am not kidding, I am basing myself this game on GTA V and worry it might not leave me happy like GTA IV did when it came out, though 17 September is nigh.

    This isn't a story ending, though it's the credits, your character makes a appearance and so does your homies. How your homies appear in this segment depend on if you did their loyalty mission. Though no big spoiler, just the part that teared me up since it's was the end and the credits was about to roll.

    via http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zhHwj2jsN1M

    Couple of other recorded materials that made me laugh. This is gameplay footage, so there is some spoiler not only story but game mechanics since each mission has a different "way" of playing it. If you are ever going to play this game, avoid this section.

    Saints Flow marketing mascot come to life. It's not a pretty thing.

    via http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ecfIeGqGCsQ

    Metal Gear meet Saints Row, Saints Row meet Metal Gear

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    And of course the biggest surprise moment....Street of Rage, Saints Row Style: Street of Saints

    via http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VnYAFMnlmjM
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    • Jun 11, 2012
      1 day and 1 day only you can get the The Gat V Pack for free DLC. Even if you don't own the game you can get it for free for your steam account to be used later. So Free today only, everyone can get it...Oh btw, a Machine Gun that shoots Knifes....you think about that for a second.

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