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Resolved Seeked for help, but ended up being punished.

Discussion in Admin Abuse started by 1nfomercial, Mar 10, 2018

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    So obviously certain admins are on a personal vendetta. Bowling_bastard muted me after I called for an admin: The players Frankie (STEAM_0:1:18632988) and WiZoP (STEAM_0:1:98587122) harassed me and insulted me on server, so I called for an admin. But instead of being helped I was just muted by Bowling_Bastard.
    As soon as i said that I'm going to complain on forum, he quickly unmuted me. Very suspicious behavior!

    March 10th 10.03.25 pm
    bowling_bastard: !unmute 1nfo
    March 10th 10.03.06 pm
    1nfomercial: see you on forum
    1nfomercial, Mar 10, 2018 Last edited by 1nfomercial, Mar 10, 2018
  2. Oct 1, 2017
    1nfomercial was being his usual annoying self and then crying out he was being harassed. i muted him after telling him to stop yelling for an admin to complain about stuff he brought upon himself. he asked to be unmuted but by the time i could type it in he had left. as you may know i am a Very slow typist.
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      I believe you. Therefore I see this case as closed.
    • Apr 26, 2015

      Sounds good to me.
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