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Selling my Xbox 360 bundle for So Cal pF peeps

Discussion in Everything & Anything started by Green Tea, Aug 1, 2011

  1. May 11, 2011
    So I had a little incident yesterday and I need to make money to repair my car so I have to sell this. I'll be fine so keep posts related to the sale. Message me if you want to know details.

    Halo Reach Limited Edition 250GB Xbox 360 Bundle
    (Like New, Includes everything, 1 Brand New Controller)
    $400+ Value

    + COD: Black Ops (Like New)
    $35+ Value

    + Dragon Age Origins: Ultimate Edition (Brand New)
    $30+ Value

    + 5 months left of Xbox Live
    $~30+ Value

    + 2800 Microsoft Live Points
    $~30+ Value

    + Rocketfish 8ft HDMI Cable (Brand New)
    $80 Value (From Best Buy, in reality $~15 from Ebay)

    + Sharkoon X-Tatic SX Headset (Like New)
    $30+ Value

    Well over $500+ worth of stuff.
    I'm putting it on craigslist for $450 but if any pF peeps want it you get a good discount.

    Selling it to pF for $350.

    Email ssjtran08@yahoo.com or steam message me for the best response.