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Insufficient Evidence Shadeslayer - Part 2

Discussion in Admin Abuse started by 1nfomercial, Mar 22, 2018

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    It is very unfortunate that I have to come here again for the very same person.
    This thread is about my latest ban for being blamed to d/c to avoid death.
    I may not have the best reputation here. But I would never break the rules on a server that I literally come and play on everyday. Why would I d/c to avoid death anyway? As if I care, when I get stabbed.

    It was 3 am German time, when I finally decided it is time to go to bed. When I want to leave CS:S, I usually press "F10" and "Enter". Since I messed up the buttons, it tried to reconnect me again to the server twice which can be seen in the logs. But before it was able to load the server, I pressed the "cancel" button.

    Maybe @shadeslayers09 saw something that I did not see. I would appreciate if he posts his side of the view below. But I feel that he has been on a personal vendetta against me for weeks. He tried to ban me twice in a row within two minutes on March the 18th. As it turned out, he did a "mistake". Because of his "mistake" it appears that I have 7 bans instead of actual 5 bans now which is really frustrating. Meaning when you look at the following link, I have more bans than I actually deserved. That can confuse both admins and players:

    To sum it up: It was 3 am and I was tired. So I d/c to go to bed.
  2. Jul 14, 2010
    There's no admin abuse here. You made a ban protest and it was denied and Emily told you what you can do. Making an abuse thread was not one of the suggestions.

    With this just being a he said, she said, I'm going to lock this. Avoiding death can be used to troll people too. Maybe rank doesn't matter, but you get people to chase you then leave and that's ruining the game for others. If you are about to leave as a human you can get stabbed or make sure no one is around you before you leave.
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