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Simple Economics

Discussion in Everything & Anything started by Rush, May 15, 2011

  1. Dec 6, 2010
    ~I was asked why I drank soo much the other day by a friend and since we were having breakfast I had a moment to think about it...
    If you Love Vodka, the way I do, you appreciate a good bartender. Lots of people don't think about the Up Side of getting drunk so I thought I'd speak to that a little.
    At $25 a bottle for Stoli, when you drink 3 1/2 bottles of it in a night out and your Bar Tender slides you your tab and it says $6.50, you're Winning!

    Subtle nuances are a great distraction like chatting with the ladies & getting laid in the stock room when you can steal away for a few minutes without your date seeing you : )

    Free Cable TV, good timing usually leads to jumping in on free pizza & wings, and the occasional bar fight always seem to keep it worth coming back.

    Enjoy your bar when you pick one, it can save you Tons of money and get you laid constantly.


    PS How did I become 'Lich'? <---What's a Lich anyway? Do you have to have only 1 Arm to be one?