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Resolved Skitz

Discussion in Admin Abuse started by Trigger [Red], Aug 10, 2019

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  1. Jul 7, 2014
    Here I am minding my own business and your fellow badmin here (whose had multiple admin abuse threads) wanted to start something for no reason and then he got sensitive when I hit his sweet spots and decided to gag me.

    Thoroughly read through this and ask yourself if this is a guy you would want watching over your server.

    I highlighted his chats Pink for Pussy and mine Blue for Innocent and I also removed excess unnecessary chat logs. Here you go :smile:

    Skitz: LOL what kind of a clown screenshots hahah
    Skitz: hey TRIGGER, use your camera phone again to upload pictures hahah
    trigger: didn't ur nephew ban hzrd and numb
    trigger: LOL
    derek: "nephew"
    trigger: "nephew
    Skitz: y>:smile:
    trigger: fuckin moron
    Skitz: lol at least I know how to upload pics lol
    trigger: at least make a better excuse than that
    Skitz: lol camera phone, what a retard hahah
    trigger: dude's 21+ buying admin to ban ppl < This one hurt didn't it? @Skitz
    trigger: lmfaooo
    BaRnAbY_JoNeS: who?
    Type @sprayv to toggle viewing mature (NSFW) sprays.
    trigger: skitz
    trigger: yo skitz
    Skitz: good one bud, you're still a retard :wink:
    trigger: u know ur close to getting ur admin revoked right?
    Skitz: !gag trigger
    [Source Mod] Skitz: Gagged trigger.
    Skitz: looool
    Skitz: revoke this bitch
    Skitz: hahha
    GP⋆ PinkClapTrap: that was a but much skitz
    derek: what did he do?
    Find someone annoying? Type !sm to mute them.
    Skitz: sue me

    This is his second abuse thread in the past week.
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      Trigger [Red], Aug 10, 2019 Last edited by Trigger [Red], Aug 10, 2019
    • Feb 2, 2019
      LOL, I was chirping him like other people were on the website. I'm sensitive? lol, coming from the guy posting an abuse thread. I'm surprised you didn't use your phone to take a picture of the chat logs :ROFL:
    • Jul 7, 2014
      "!gag trigger"

      ^ yah you're definitely sensitive
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      • Mar 26, 2012
        @Trigger [Red] Although you've been wronged, it is not appropriate to call @Skitz a pussy on here. This is to report admin abuse, not abuse admins. I will not tolerate it.

        That being said, @Skits, this is clear admin abuse. You had no right to gag him. You did not warn him. You've had a couple of slips up, you can recover from them, and I am worried you are just letting yourself go because of these hiccups. There will likely be discipline for this although I have to discuss it with the admin team to finalize this. For now, I will be locking this.
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