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Skyrim ZE (Any support? Also, questions)

Discussion in Work in Progress (WIP) started by Ray Charles, Feb 28, 2012

  1. Feb 17, 2011
    First of all I'll introduce myself. I hang around pF's zombie escape server a bunch, though I mostly keep to myself. Steam tag is Ray Charles.

    Glad that's done, I hate introductions.

    Anyways, I just recently started work on a map that would combine my two gaming loves - Skyrim and ZE. The map would sort of integrate some elements from Hannibal/Rafuron's maps (though not nearly as masterfully, unfortunately). It would feature three chronological levels, each with a boss at the end, and three levels of difficulty (the first would be normal, the second hard, the final would be a run through of all three hard levels with no round changes in between). It would also include spells (which would have limited use) and three shouts (which would have unlimited uses, but recharge timers).

    Right now I'm barely past working with dust. I've extracted and converted a bunch of Skyrim textures (they are low quality, thus a small size so it won't cause much file size inflation), as well as the sounds I'll use for the shouts and background music. I've started mapping the terrain for the first portion of the map, though even after I complete that I have to polish it, apply textures/models, and finally triggers and other entities.

    For those interested, the name of the map would be ze_sovngarde, Skyrim players will recognize the three settings and their role in the story (Whiterun and Dragonsreach, Skuldafn Temple, and Sovngarde) each with their respective bosses (Odahviing, Nahkriin the priest atop the Temple, and Alduin).

    Right now, I have to overcome these problems:

    1) Modelling. I want to have at least three monster models, complete with animations. I have absolutely no idea how to convert the model format that Skyrim uses into Source format. Can anyone offer advice on this? I can't afford an expensive modelling program (or use) such as 3DS Max, nor will I pirate it.

    2) Boss fights. Never actually done one before. I know the basic ideas of how to set up entities to imitate AI but it will be rough.

    3) Items (spells, shouts, etc.), also never done those but that is a much simpler concept to arrange than a boss fight (of course, depending on the item)

    4) Inexperience. I've done a good bit of mapping across multiple fields but have never released a map. For this reason, I've considered going back to my half-complete escape map, which has much more humble goals, and seeing how that debuts before I tackle this one.

    So the bottom line is, would anyone even be interested in it? I know that the actual game Skyrim itself brings up a variety of feelings, some good, some bitter. Plaguefest is the only server I really care about when it comes to ZE, so if nobody here is interested I won't bother continuing. Would anyone want to see this happen?
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    • Dec 6, 2011
    • Feb 17, 2011
      The link helped answer some boss questions, plus gave me some great ideas for some more simple attacks bosses could use. Thanks!
    • Jul 28, 2011
      This post slipped past me somehow. ze + skyrim sounds awesome, can't wait to see this :grin:
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      • Feb 1, 2011
        You're the man for bumping this Grudge, I didn't see it.

        First of all, welcome to the forums! You seem like a chill dude and I really dig your ideas! I don't play ZE a ton, but a Skyrim map would definitely have me logging on :evilgrin: Honestly, it's a great idea and I'm surprised no one's tried it yet! Unfortunately I know nothing about mapping or modeling...

        So this is my call to @Luffaren our best friend ZE mapper guy! He is the man and I'm sure he could give you lots of tips on boss fights and the like. Good luck!!
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        • Feb 24, 2011
          And answer i shall! Welcome to the forums Ray!
          I'm really for this idea myself as i love both Skyrim and ZE, although be aware that gameplay is crucial within ZE.
          As i read it you might be pretty new within mapping, so if you ever need any help. Ask me straight on steam, add me: per_r94. I could help with pretty much anything listed above, as i have 3DS MAX installed, altough i'm not that good with modeling at all.

          Good luck with this project, be patient and you'll get something great out of it.
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