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Slow applications

Discussion in Everything & Anything started by Grape, Nov 28, 2013

  1. Oct 24, 2013
    -First off the reason I put this here and not some support place was because I'm not hugely concerned about it but I figured other people had problems similar that they might like to share- So please keep that in mind -

    Does anyone else have huge problems with Outlook on their computer? I am talking about Hotmail on Firefox, the newish way they have it set up. Not the program from desktop etc. I don't use that.

    I have a pretty beastly comp and there is no reason it should be slow at all. I have no problems running any kind of other application or program.

    I also have problems with youtube occasionally freezing at approximately a third of the way into the video yet it loads in a flash, and then stops then loads the rest of the song/video instantly but I have to resume it again a few times.

    One step that I did recently do was give more ram to java in case that was an issue. I had this done before but I changed up my ssd to a newer one and hadn't done any kind of botting application for an mmo like I used to so I had no reason to mess with java. Lol I gave it 3gigs to play with.

    I only recently did that like 2 days ago but I do notice still problems with hotmail.

    You guys ever have that happen?

    I've messed with FF settings before but to no avail. I have read it is a big problem.
    I have an other lesser powerful machine that I have no problems using it but has much of a similar software setup.
    I would say it is also probably up to date with the same windows upgrades, only dif is it had a desktop version of microsoft office on it and the big boy did not until recently. This made no difference at all.