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Small children and Games.

Discussion in Gaming started by Ghost, Jul 15, 2012

What do you think?

Bad parents 5 vote(s) 13.9%
They should play less 11 vote(s) 30.6%
It doesn't matter 7 vote(s) 19.4%
Society is changing 13 vote(s) 36.1%
  1. May 14, 2011
    Well I foudn this an interesting read.


    What I gathered from it is that ghilderen are overtaking adults with computer games. Does this mean a genration of gamers is being born?

    Well I play a lot of game but as a child up until the age of 8 i didnt have any console, then I had a GBA and my first ever proper console was the PS3.

    It worries me that children are learning to play games so young, especially at the time of their lives when they should be learning how to well, live, develop social skills and learn.

    I don't know why but I find this worring.

    Tell me what you think. :razz:

    P.S.: What I find worrying is that parents allow children this young to play violent killing games like FPSs.
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    • May 15, 2011
      Yes, because video games make kids violent. /sarcasm /Ithinkmaybeyou'reretarded
    • Sep 25, 2010
      Was that the theme of the article?
    • May 14, 2011
      I didn't say they make kids more violent. I said they play more violent games.
      Whatever the effect can be being accustomed to blood and gore at such a young age cannot be good.
      I'm not saying games like CSS or CoD are THAT bad. However games such as "Dead Space 2" give the young children, well, bad dreams and such.
      Also I was imply that these children will be less social later in life preferring to talk with friends online (friends they may meet online and never see them) rather than IRL.
      Post Merged, Jul 15, 2012
      ^ That was the theme.
    • May 15, 2011
      Oh ok. Cool. Personally my feelings are meh. It is weird seeing a 6 year old girl working a smart phone when I still have troubles understanding them, but honestly it's nothing new. I can work a computer or console better than my parents. It's always been like this and it always will. As new technology comes the younglings will always have the jump on us, because they feed off this shit. Like when I was a kid, I could name all 150 original Pokemon, something that was actually quite common among my age group, but not for anyone older than us, because only our generation was interested, and therefore it only affected us. (Majority wise) So IMO it really can't be stopped. I'd like to see anything stop the 15 Billion kids from suddenly dropping the things they do and 'be social' lol.
    • May 14, 2011
      D: Where are all these kids?

      Are you hiding the other 13 billion we don't know about in your basement?


      On a serious note though. I think its the parents fault for allowing kids to continue like this.
    • May 15, 2011
      I don't actually know how many people their are on earth. Just guessed a number. Also, it was a HYPERBOLE! (That makes me sounds smart.)
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      • Mar 20, 2012
        Mhh it really depends on who is playing. If u already developed social skills and u are not the dumbest in school ..i dont see really a problem
        I only see the problem with children who dont have any other background and only try 2 learn out and copy things out of games.
        But society cant distinguish between people who can handle this games and who cant...so the Pegi whatever is generalized about the age, so its the job of the parents to allow or forbid violent games...but yeah somewhere is even for me a line if they are 2 young they should definitely do something else...

        But i dont really see a society problem with a gamer generation....its becoming a huge group so they have a lot in common and in 15-20 years your parents belong to the oldest 1/3 of our society, so usually what they say is considerd as conservative and oldfashioned so who the fuck cares then^^

        wahh i remember so many quotes atm ...here is one
        "Our youth now love luxury. They have bad manners, contempt for authority; they show disrespect for their elders and love chatter in place of exercise; they no longer rise when elders enter the room; they contradict their parents, chatter before company; gobble up their food and tyrannize their teachers."

        Furthermore in my opinion games like metal gear solid really influenced me in a positive way eventhough i was under 16, i saw politics and media in a new view and doubt many things, because we almost always only get the prefab opinion of media of our countries and never the opppsite side of view...and that is a pretty good reason to get angry and like yoda said - anger leads to hate <-but this thought becomes 2 offtopic^^

        if u find english grammar mistakes u can keep them, sry
      • Nov 11, 2011
        Ghost you are 16 and you spend crap loads of time working with SDK. A lot of people would consider you too young, considering CSS has a M rating. It's all subjective and what worries me more is the lack of discipline in children. Hell, let them play violent games but teach them morality and ethics alongside.
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        • May 14, 2011
          SDK is violent? D:
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          • Jun 4, 2012
            My opinion is that video games should be played in moderation by any age group, but in young children the type of game should be restricted to something appropriate for their age (This after enduring an hour and a half long lecture on 'Halo' from my 7 year old nephew). There are a couple articles out now that suggest that playing video games excessively can harm certain areas of the brain while stimulating others. There is also concern that video games/television/internet use can impair cognitive development as a child grows. Personally, my wife and I are in the process of trying to figure out a strategy for raising our 7 month old daughter without getting her 'hooked' on technology. We are going to focus on having family fun without the use of video games or technology, but at the same time we aren't going to stop her from playing age appropriate games completely.

          • Mar 4, 2012
            I grew up with consoles. I would always play the NES with my dad and later the PlayStation. I probably played a lot but I never failed to learn how to be part of society. I think when it comes to the point where kids would rather play video games than go hang out with other kids on a consistent basis is when there's a problem. My dad never let me play rated T or above games until I was ten with the exception of Metal Gear Solid and Syphon Filter but I could only play them when he was with me. While there are some detrimental affects to doing just about anything as a child there are also some scientifically proven positive results from playing video games.
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            • May 11, 2011
              also something to remember is that every child grows at there on rate
              also i have to call bs on that article i spend a lot of time on the computer and i still do a sport and have time to be social also video games not age appropriate that my parents said were okay to play did teach me some good values
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              • Mar 20, 2011
                In my opinion it has nothing to do with video games, it has to do with the parents who need to actually parent. Nowadays it seems more and more parents stuff their kids in front of consoles and other things because they don't want to be bothered. Why then even have kids? The society of youths nowadays is just an embarrassment. I live in the SF bay area, and tell you most are rude as fuck, don't even bother to say thank you when you hold a door open for them, and they don't bother to hold doors for their elders. I could go on for days... This could all be augmented by parents teaching proper morals and explaining how their siblings should show respect, something which is no where to be found mostly today.

                Just my thoughts,

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                • Nov 29, 2010
                  As long as the kid can pull in good grades and maintain a good attitude, I personally won't give a shit. (Parental perspective)
                  the only thing I'd concern myself about would be the games they would be playing.

                  With technology rapidly improving, it's inevitable our kids are going to be even more technologically literate than us if we don't keep up.
                • Feb 14, 2012
                  Good. Good. More souls for the banstick. Come! Be purified!

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                • Jun 23, 2011
                  Lol I played to much games to the point Im anti social :razz:

                  Played since I was prob 6 on the computer and haven't stop since :grin:
                • Mar 16, 2008
                  I had a SNES when I was like 3. I must be a horrible person and my parents are bad.
                • Jan 11, 2012
                  Ban all the kids.
                • Jun 4, 2012
                  I would definitely agree with Churma who said:
                  It's all to easy to stick your screaming child in front of a screen to get a few moments peace and quiet and I think that far too many parents use this as their 'go-to' option. There's a reason that they almost immediately stop fussing and sit like spell-bound zombies for hours upon end and I don't really think that it's good for their development. Don't get me wrong however, I'm not saying that video games are entirely bad. I believe that they have an incredible potential to assist with learning, co-ordination and problem solving skills; I just think that moderation, proper supervision and parental involvement are also incredibly important. I also think that giving your children options such as music, fishing, hiking, sports or pretty much anything else outdoors will help prevent them from becoming dependant upon technology for their entertainment.

                  I mentioned my 7 year old nephew in my previous post. I'm not kidding you, the kid literally talked non-stop for an hour and a half about Halo the last time I saw him. He can't go anywhere without his DS or some other form of game or he's just miserable. All his family does is watch movies or sit around the house visiting with their friends. They don't do much together as a family. My other nephew, on the other hand, has an xbox360 and PS3 in his bedroom. He can absolutely destroy me at CoD or any other game for that matter. However, he also plays ice hockey, lacrosse and other sports, and does tons of stuff together with his family. He enjoys playing video games, but they don't control his life. The big difference that I can see is family involvement, and that's what I'm striving for with my family.

                  Apollo: judging from the grammar, spelling and general incoherence evident in your reply, I would humbly suggest that you spend less time on the computer playing video games... :razz:

                  Haha... I couldn't resist. I'm just harassing you Apollo, don't take me seriously. :grin:
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