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So the Engineering Department at my local University is known for pranks

Discussion in Entertainment started by Clam Chowder, Apr 3, 2012

  1. Nov 29, 2010
    On april fools day these guys aren't doing those "pie in face" practical jokes. They pull off "Hang the shell of a VW Bug off a bridge", this is an annual event that even the staff of the university itself finds it quite humorous. I introduce the Engineering Department of UBC

    This year they didn't so much hang the bug off this bridge I can imagine why because of the bridge's 10 foot high suicide barriers. So what did they do? They planted it on the pier.


    They've even hit places like the Golden Gate Bridge back in 2001 (10 000 charge if they ever catch the culprits)

    This department is notorious for their stunts, they've been known to hang beetles from the bottom of every bridge in the greater vancouver area. The bridge I first posted was the bridge that's not too far from where I live. Also they have put the shells on top of tall structures.

    They've also done other things as acts of "Kindness"

    They've made a 6400 food can sculpture of their logo, a prominent letter "E" and put it in front of the food bank overnight. Also they stuffed a gigantic red jacket full of clothing and put it on a known structure in Stanley Park.

    "Pranks. They are the result of engineers—mathematically gifted minds with a legendary reputation for consuming drink and a bent for problem-solving—getting together around E-week and unleashing their skills in creative ways.
    But the art of the prank has been declining for some years within the Engineering faculty, both in number and execution. Past stunts have ranged from suspending future Prime Minister Kim Campbell in a tree with a hammock in 1964 to stealing the Speaker’s Chair out of the Victoria Legislature in 1978 and holding it for $1000 ransom to be paid to Children’s Hospital.
    A common thread from past engineers to present has been their focus on charity. 2008 saw the creation of a gigantic red engineering jacket filled with clothes for the needy draped around the English Bay inukshuk, while in 2009 engineering students handed out red scarves to the homeless.
    “Pranks have never been endorsed by the Engineering Undergraduate Society,” said EUS VP Communications Will Gallego. “The EUS does not condone pranks of any kind.”
    It is teamwork that pulls off the spectacular, as the 1969 pranksters who stole Stanley Park’s 1800-pound Nine O’Clock Cannon can attest. Its ransom generated over $1200 for the Children’s Hospital."

    This kind of made my morning when I found out about this
  2. Jan 21, 2011
    MIT has better pranks.

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