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So what games do you plan to be picking up this year?

Discussion in Gaming started by Clam Chowder, Jun 10, 2012

  1. Nov 29, 2010
    1: Ghost Recon: Future Soldier - PC
    2: Assassins Creed 3 - PC
    3: Watch Dogs - PC
    4: The Last of Us - PS3
    5: Beyond: Two Souls - PS3
    6: Guild Wars 2 - PC

    Grand Total?
    $340 ooh my wallet.. it hurts
    Clam Chowder, Jun 10, 2012 Last edited by Clam Chowder, Jun 10, 2012
  2. Jan 2, 2012
    Ill probably get CS:GO, Borderlands 2 and Prototype 2. With these games, I should be good :razz:
  3. Aug 1, 2011
    Whatever others want to buy for me :grin:
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    • Oct 29, 2010
      Oh, the joy of not owning a single console! ;D

      I'm picking up CS:GO. That is it.
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        meeko, Jun 10, 2012 Last edited by meeko, Jun 10, 2012
      • Apr 2, 2011
        Borderlands 2 (with my brother)
        Guild Wars 2
        MAYBE CS:GO
        other than that... I don't know...
      • Mar 19, 2011
        Halo 4
        Resident Evil 6
        Damn not much of a year for games, everything hyped is coming out next year.
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        • May 12, 2012
          CS:GO is the only definite purchase for me. But I am interested in Guild Wars 2, but I'm not sure if its coming out this year

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        • Jan 21, 2011
          People still use blackberrys? :razz:

          CS:GO maybe. Nothing else really piques my interest that I can think of right now.
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          • Aug 5, 2010
            This, except for Ghost recon and AS3
          • Nov 2, 2011
            Guild Wars 2
          • Jun 3, 2012
            We should make a pF guild in GW2
          • May 27, 2008
            New Releases:
            Halo 4
            Torchlight II
            Of Orcs and Men looks pretty dope
            Watch Dogs looked amazing so yeah
            Games already out:
            Donkey Kong Country Returns
            The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker [lost my original copy]
            dno. There's a great amount of games that are available that I still haven't picked up. I have every console and a PC, so as soon as I can I'll buy an ass load to keep me occupied.
          • May 5, 2011
            Left 4 Dead 2 - PC (old but planning to get it anyways)
          • Nov 16, 2011
            Ghost recon future soldier
            Assassins creed 3

            idk a lot of shit
          • Jul 28, 2011
            Probably just CS:GO. Then again, I might go on some crazed spree, so who knows.
          • Jul 1, 2010
            hmm.. all I have left I think are:

            CS:GO and .. hrm .. already pre-ordered GW2
          • May 12, 2012
            Lol yeah I'm a little old fashioned I guess. My past 2 phones were amazing androids, the google g1 and the nexus 1. But I send a lot of emails and texts every day (around 200) so the keyboard on the blackberry is a lifesaver!

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          • Mar 12, 2008
            Chuck Testa: Steve Jobs Special Edition. PS Vita
          • Jan 11, 2012
            初音ミク -Project DIVA F- PS Vita and CS:GO
          • Nov 1, 2011
            Planetside 2
            Medal of Honour Warfighter
            (Maybe) NFS Most Wanted
            Torchlight II