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Discussion in TV Shows started by 911Trigger, Apr 2, 2012

  1. Feb 9, 2012
    Anyone here watch it? how do you like it so far?

    I thought the series have been great throughout every season. The storyline is really great and even with the loss of the first Spartacus actor, the new one definitely put in a lot of work to fill in the gaps. They also look very similar in that I barely even noticed there was a new actor (even after hearing about the loss of the first one).

    Anyone got a favorite character they like in the movie? I pretty much love Crixus, I thought it was great how in the first season they showed him as a complete badass, then in the prequel you can really see he was like a sorta shy person as he was new and how he worked his way up to the top, and in season 2 (yes season 2, the prequel does not count as a season really) they made him more mellow and loving guy all the while retaining his beast-like composure.

    [Please note it is gory and rated MA]

    Update: it is now on its final season. what are your speculations of how it will play out? do you think it will follow history or will they decide to make a plot twist.

    I've grown very close to all the main characters as ive been watching the series for at least 3 years now.
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  2. Jan 22, 2012
    HELL YEAH! dude i love this show! awesome fight scenes and lots of blood. my fav character is gannicus hes a fuckin badass too and i like his fighting style. i loved how he finished the dudes in the primus in the last episode of gods of the arena. i also liked the little scene when him and Spartacus fought kinda wanted that fight to go on longer. it sucks that Andy Whitfield past away cuz he did such a great job as spartacus way better than the dude right now.... the ending of the last episode got me pumped but completely saw it coming
  3. Feb 9, 2012
    Yeh Andy was great, but imo the new guy (Liam) did a great job also. I actually was thinking that wouldve ended like that, but i had doubts in my mind about how it was gonna end. after the first season, i ended up looking up spartacus to read about the biography of the real person and i figured it was gonna end in that sort of way. It seems we'll be having another season coming our way but im not too sure how it's gonna be set up or who the main antagonist going to be, although i could think of one possible person they may include to do this.

    Also, Spartacus uses the same fighting style as Gannicus, as they have both been trained by Oenamaeis (?) to learn that fighting style (twin sword).
  4. Feb 9, 2012
    SOrry for bump. Added a short clip of a fight scene to show what the action is like. They do sometimes use slow motion effects like ''The 300" but the series' storyline is amazing.!
  5. Nov 15, 2011
    Gannicus is my favorite.
  6. Feb 9, 2012
    would like to bump, as this series is now on its last season.

    also like to add that they've added Julius Caesar as a character in this series as well, which i thought was very cool and actually does fit well.