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Spectate glitch..

Discussion in Help Desk started by shinji, Mar 11, 2015

  1. Feb 25, 2015
    Still haven't found out how to fix this, so i figured i'd ask anyone on here to see if it's happened to them.

    basically when i spectate someone in first person, it shows up like this.. even in other servers.
    any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.


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  2. Oct 24, 2013
    I don't get your issue. What exactly is the problem? The white line?
    If you have problems with your spectate I recommend you fool around with it by pressing the alt key that opens up your spectate settings to which you can select different options.
    The only issue I have in spectate is occasionally it will act goofy not let me escape first person vision so I have to go through the settings and select freelook.
    You do seem to have modded gloves on so it could be something from an old mod?
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    • Feb 25, 2015
      i can't really explain it any other way.. just constantly it shows the spectate cam* halfway in the ground.
      but good observation about the glove thing, that could possibly be it.
      that's the only mod i have so, i guess ill try that.
    • Oct 24, 2013
      Ohh I see now what you're saying. Yeh I would think it has something to do with something in a script. Do the obvious thing and verify your files through steam.
      Sometimes those script issues can continue if you have it synced with steam. If it continues to persist I suggest you do the following...
      Uninstall the mod
      Unsync css with steam
      Delete CSS (backup your steam app folder)
      Clear your css registries (be very careful, check out what you're doing before you do it)
      It may resolve the issue.
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      • May 31, 2012

        (not my code by the way but I just thought of this meme).

        I agree, I'm thinking it's the custom folders with the gloves. I have had a similar issue and it was because of the custom folders. I forgot how to turn of that cloud update thingy or whatever but I checked that off decades ago and... so now... I don't have to deal with that whole deleting everything; that might spare you some trouble from deleting everything and re-installing.

        edit: When I had the issue, it was with the scoreboard. I was trying to customize the scoreboard and I had the exact same issue as you.
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          Joshy, Mar 11, 2015 Last edited by Joshy, Mar 11, 2015
        • Feb 25, 2015
          thanks for the response guys, ill fool around and see what i can do.