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Spray Troubleq

Discussion in Help Desk started by Jenna the Gamer, Nov 27, 2013

  1. Mar 26, 2011
    Okay, So you can ask @Seeker but I spray my spray and I can see it but no one else can and I can not see anyone else's spray. I do not know how to fix do any of you guys know?

    I just realized I put a q in the title.
  2. Feb 27, 2012
    Lots of people are having the same issue...

    Since he did that, i've been able to see a few people's sprays. Not very many, though.
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    • Aug 20, 2011
      Shiz, i just re-installed my CSS haha worked fine.
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      • Mar 26, 2011
        I dont have time for dat.
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        • Feb 27, 2012
          That works for a small population that have the issue... There are so many different solution, but they don't all work for everyone... But re-installing could be a first step, jenna... Make sure you delete all your config files in your counter strike directory, and turn off steam cloud that way it doesn't redownload your configs.

          EDIT: You ninja poster... go ingame and go to your options and i think under multiplayer, and disable Steam Cloud. Next, go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Counter-Strike Source\cstrike\cfg and move the folder elsewhere on your computer. Then start your game, change whatever settings you have to back to what they were, and go in game and see if you can see any sprays.
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          • Dec 18, 2010
            This is definitely a server issue,i`ve been asking players everyday (since day 1 i started my thread about sprays) on plaguefest zombie escape server if i`m the only person who cant see sprays and there were so many who said they have the same problem,while others could see custom sprays but not all.
            I don`t see how deleting or moving cfg folder its gonna solve the problem since it`s not cfg related because we can see sprays on other servers except pf server,but it seems that nobody is paying attention to this issue and it`s not gonna be fixed since they think there is nothing to be fixed,it`s something on our end and nothing wrong with the servers.
          • Mar 20, 2012
            I can trace sprays when I hear the audio when somebody sprays. But I cant see all sprays, I think other people have the same problem.
            I tried out some configcommands a few days ago but still the same.

            I seem to see only some sprays I already saw days/weeks ago and only a few new, but not all new.

            It especially sucks if people tell me that there is an illegal spray but I cant see it and so I cant enfore a rule. This happens rarely though anyway.